10 Game-Changing Call Center Products to Watch in 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • The blog post reviews 12 Call Center nan products, each with its unique features. All products are excellent software but vary in details.
  • CoreInteract from Altigen provides business communication integration options into all interactions and prioritizes workgroup calls, ensuring teams can differentiate between internal and external calls.
  • T-Max Predictive Dialer can contact numerous live users simultaneously, reducing time wasted on wrong numbers or busy signals, while its monitoring feature helps ensure excellent QA and efficient closes.
  • VSLogger Call Recorder from Versadial provides advanced capabilities in call recording and advanced reporting, thus ensuring a comprehensive incident recreation and workforce optimization.
  • Convoso Predictive Dialer is a cloud-based omnichannel contact center software that boosts customer contact rates by 300%, thereby increasing conversions and improving ROI.
  • Ozonetel is a cloud-based communication solution offering customer experience services and seamlessly migrating from legacy to the cloud, while offering a blend of digital and voice channels to maximize results.
  • JustCall is another cloud phone system that offers click-to-call from CRM, with additional options for SMS campaigns and virtual numbers.
  • Truly helps manage remote sales teams and allows for captions and conversions of customer engagement data into specific actions, thereby improving results.
  • Ring.io is a sales telephony platform with an automated dialer system designed to boost sales results, while also accepting credit card payments over the phone.
  • iNexus, by NexInteractive, is a cloud contact center which offers comprehensive contact center services such as shotgun ACD, call back manager and many more.
  • LeadDesk’s auto-dialer and predictive dialing modes significantly improves the number of daily calls, which consequently improves the company’s bottom line.
  • Qubicles offers a patent-pending blockchain-based solution with on-demand staffing and advanced reporting, thereby enabling comprehensive contact center capabilities.
  • Adversus Dialer is a comprehensive outbound dialing solution that includes manual process automation, thereby improving the efficiency of outbound workflows.
  • PhoneIQ is a CTI that delivers fully integrated voice, SMS, video, and messaging across desktop and mobile, while at the same time being fully integrated with Salesforce to make the work of agents more efficient.
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Call Center nan products have revolutionized customer service, telemarketing, and helpdesk industries, among others. These telephone software systems enable businesses to handle large volumes of calls from customers, improving customer service and enhancing overall customer satisfaction and engagement. Here, we present a catalog of 12 such products, each unique in its offering and value to businesses. We believe that this guide will be vital for any business in the search for a suitable Call Center nan product to streamline their operations and boost customer satisfaction.

1. CoreInteract by Altigen

CoreInteract aims at engaging customers throughout their journey through voice and digital channels like chat, SMS, email, and social media. The system allows users to drag and drop the design for fast workgroup and routing rule management, which meets their unique business requirements.

2. T-Max Predictive Dialer

T-Max Predictive Dialer is a robust CRM dialing system ideal for marketing, sales teams, and debt collections. The system enables users to contact as many live customers as possible simultaneously, thereby maximizing their reach.

3. VSLogger Call Recorder

Versadial’s VSLogger Recorder is a call recording system that combines call recording, quality control, live team performance dashboards, and in-depth reporting to provide a powerful workforce optimization tool. The system has been tested on a variety of established PBX manufacturers, ensuring its reliability and versatility.

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4. Convoso Predictive Dialer

Convoso Predictive Dialer is a cloud-based omnichannel call center software that drastically increases contact rates up to 300%, resulting in higher conversions and impressive ROI. The system is designed to efficiently scale to over 1000 seats to meet enterprise-level requirements.

5. Ozonetel

Ozonetel is a contact center software that allows companies to set up a full-fledged contact center from scratch in only a few hours. The system offers to automate digital and voice channels to increase efficiency and optimize business goals.

6. JustCall

JustCall is a cloud-based phone system for modern sales and support teams. It offers functionalities like click-to-call from CRM, SMS workflows & Automation, three sales dialers to choose from, and much more. It helps to end clueless conversations by adding context to every call.

7. Truly

Truly provides a solution to manage (Remote) revenue teams effectively. It enables the capture and conversion of engagement data from remote teams’ conversations into consistent executions, thereby enhancing the execution process.

8. Ring.io

Ring.io is a sales telephony platform that features an automated dialer that helps sales teams make more calls, set more meetings, and close more deals. The platform offers a fast and PCI compliant way of accepting credit card payments over the phone.

9. iNexus

iNexus, by NexInteractive, is a cloud contact center with power-packed features such as a shotgun ACD, call back manager, multi-level voice conferencing among others. It is tailored to provide fast setup, scalability and impressive audio quality.

10. LeadDesk

With LeadDesk’s auto and predictive dialing modes, agents can significantly increase their call rate from 40 to 120 per day, thus substantially improving revenue and the overall bottom line. The software allows managers to create, manage and report sales and marketing campaigns with ease.

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11. Qubicles

Qubicles offer a patent-pending blockchain-based contact center solution, with features like on-demand staffing, inbound, outbound, live chats, advanced reporting, and more. With a built-in university, Qubicles also train candidates in support, service, and sales training to qualify them for open positions.

12. Adversus Dialer

Adversus Dialer is an outbound dialing solution that enables businesses to streamline their call strategies, automate manual processes, and provide valuable insights, thus improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of their outbound workflows.

13. PhoneIQ

PhoneIQ is a comprehensive CTI that offers fully integrated voice, SMS, video, and messaging functionalities across desktop and mobile platforms. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, increasing agent productivity by creating custom workflows that streamline sales and service processes.


With advancements in VoIP technology and easier scaling of customer service operations for businesses, Call Center nan software are becoming relevant for a rapidly increasing variety of applications. Yet, the choice of the right one is vital. Businesses need to consider multiple factors such as call quality, integration capabilities, customer service, security, and cost among others before settling for the right product. Each of the discussed products has its unique selling point. Understanding these specific features will greatly enable businesses to make the best decision that matches their needs.

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