Can Vermont’s Supply Chain Innovation Challenge Silicon Valley Hegemony?

  • Key Takeaways:
    • Vector New England, a Vermont-based start-up, is leveraging innovative technology to disrupt the supply chain industry.
    • This start-up differentiates itself through its unique approach to supply chain optimization and deep integration with IBM software services.
    • With significant potential for growth, Vector New England could pose a challenge to Silicon Valley’s dominance in the tech industry.

Breaking into a industry dominated by Silicon Valley heavyweights takes an innovative approach and a dedication to disruption. That’s exactly what Vermont-based start-up, Vector New England, is doing. As a supply chain​ consultant company, it is intrinsically tied to one of the most critical mechanisms in today’s business world. In an era of increasing global trade and commerce, companies are constantly seeking ways to improve their supply chain processes, and that’s exactly where Vector New England plans to make its mark.

Vector New England goes beyond traditional supply chain management. The company provides its users with integrated applications, innovative technology, and valuable insights, all custom-optimized for the company’s supply chain. Furthermore, Vector New England is leveraging its niche expertise in IBM software services, allowing businesses to maximize their use of IBM’s powerful software platforms. This strategic move sets the Vermont start-up apart from others in the sector, giving it a distinct competitive edge.

What differentiates Vector New England is not just their expertise and technology, but their commitment to help businesses solve their complex supply chain problems with bespoke, tech-driven solutions. Their service offerings include social business strategy, planning, deployment, as well as planning and implementing IBM connection, installation, and customization. By aligning their solutions with IBM, one of the leading software providers in the world, Vector New England effectively amplifies its ability to change how businesses manage their supply chains.

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Another noteworthy point is that amidst the traditional Silicon Valley ecosystem, Vector New England is a breath of fresh air. The company is proving that businesses outside of West Coast tech hubs can compete and can succeed. Future growth in this domain is compromise-laden, but Vector New England’s focus on technology and supply chain consultation could make the tech industry more decentralized.

As the company evolves and continues its quest to disrupt the status quo, the future looks promising for Vector New England and the industry as a whole. Their unique approach to supply chain management, alignment with IBM, and ambition to compete in a Silicon Valley-dominated landscape point to a company on the rise. We encourage you to keep an eye on this innovative start-up as it carves out its space in the tech world.

Stay connected with Vector New England on their website (, and follow their journey in the exciting world of supply chain innovation.


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