Defining LA’s Influential Video Game Startups: Shaping Future Entertainment Today

In the heart of Silicon Beach, Los Angeles, a hotbed of creativity and innovation is fueling the future of video games. With the surge in technological advancement, numerous start-ups are carving a unique niche for themselves within the gaming industry. From blockchain RPG developers to dedicated VR gaming companies, these LA-based start-ups are pushing boundaries and redefining how we play, develop, and interact with video games. In this article, we will look at some of the most intriguing video game startups revolutionizing the gaming industry.

These startups are not just creating immersive gaming experiences but also finding solutions to issues like game testing and content sharing. Additionally, some are even striving to incentivize gameplay with rewards programs or create platforms for content creators to extend their reach. Uniting gamers around the world, fostering creative gameplay, and investing in the future of media, let’s dive into the world of these innovative companies.

Here are 15 thrilling gaming startups in Los Angeles, breaking new ground with their contributions to the video game industry.

Digital Insight Games

Delving into the intersection of blockchain and gaming, Digital Insight Games is designing a gaming studio committed to creating AAA blockchain RPGs. Despite the nascent stage of the company, they are keen on infusing innovation into the gaming industry.


Flustr is a dynamic mobile platform where users engage with their friends in a live, short-form video game, allowing spectators to control the outcome of the play. The platform was founded by Lih Chang, Miurika Valery, and Shawn Janik who had the vision of blending social media with gaming.

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Powerhouse Capital

Powerhouse Capital is an LA-based venture fund dedicated to the investment opportunities in the technology, media, entertainment & interactive gaming markets. The company was founded by Ian Doody and Salim Mitha, who are committed to investing in the future of the gaming industry.


G.Round stands as an online solution for global public game testing, taking a community-driven approach to assist game development. Their platform offers invaluable feedback to developers improving their games before official releases.

Zelos Gaming

Zelos Gaming is a cross-game rewards program that allows gamers to earn points by completing in-game tasks and redeem them for virtual prizes. Founders Derek Chiang and Jeffrey Tong have given gamers a rewarding and engaging experience with their platform.

Indie Esports League

Founded by Rich Thomas, the Indie Esports League proclaims itself as the world’s first multi-game, cross-platform eSports league, dedicated exclusively to indie games and gamers of all capabilities.


Launched with a whopping $7.5M in Series A funding, HiDEF Inc. is a Video Game Company with a mission to define the future of gaming. It was founded by Anthony Castoro, David Washington, and Jace Hall.


Tango is pioneering the next step in interactive livestreaming. Founded by Ben Johnson and Rob Ogden, Tango looks set to bring a huge leap in how social media intermingles with video games.

Indivisible Game

Created by Mike Zaimont, Indivisible is a unique hybrid of platformer and RPG. This indie game offers robust gameplay and has been well received within the gaming community.

Treehouse Games

Treehouse Games, created by Michael Chu and Ryan Sullivan, is a game studio focused primarily on collaborative games. They celebrate the power of co-operative gaming and are committed to creating engaging experiences for gamers.

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ForeVR Games

With a mission to make VR accessible to everyone, ForeVR is a game company founded by Marcus Segal and Mike Pagano Doom. They are pioneers of bringing high-definition virtual reality experiences into every home.

Incredible Dream Studios

Founders Jamie Seltzer and Jane Hoffacker are curating a portfolio of iconic game IPs for the next generation. Incredible Dream Studios looks poised to produce the biggest video game hits in the future.

Future Club

Future Club, founded by Francesca Esquenazi, offers handcrafted art and traditional 2D animation integrated with engaging and responsive gameplay. They personify the combination of creativity and technology in their inventive software solutions.


FLEXER, developed by Andrey Popov and Eugene Smykov is a unique platform allowing gamers to share clips, facilitating content sharing within the gamer community. They provide an opportunity to gamers to amplify their presence online.

So there we have it – fifteen of Los Angeles’ most exciting and innovative video game start-ups shaking the gaming industry. From blockchain integration to virtual reality, these LA-based start-ups are transforming the gaming landscape with their innovative approach towards crafting interactive experiences.

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