Experiencing Austin’s Most Influential Advertising Startups Transforming Industry in 2023

Based in Austin, Texas, many exciting startups are harnessing creativity, technology, and marketing know-how to redefine and reinvent the world of advertising. This new generation of companies takes the marketing industry by storm, with many startups carving their niche with innovative strategies and solutions. Drawing on various resources from digital marketing, branding, radio advertising, influencer marketing, and more, these startups are providing businesses with the tools they need to reach their target audience effectively.

A thriving hub for entrepreneurs, Austin boasts a supportive ecosystem that enables startups to launch, grow, and leave their mark. Whether it’s a cutting-edge digital marketing agency or a creative consulting firm, every player adds their unique flavor to the industry. Let’s look at some of Austin’s interesting advertising startups and delve into their approach, projects, and purpose.

These startups are not only helping brands increase their reach, engagement, and customer base, but are also reshaping the way businesses communicate their value and vision to their audience. They present a mix of expertise, strategies, and platforms for start-ups to large corporations, across multiple sectors.

Gyde Marketing

Gyde Marketing presents itself as a community of elite marketing and design professionals in the advertising and internet industries.


mintr, founded by Dallas Gotschall and Leigh Lepore, provides brand and digital marketing solutions and is also engaged in web design and development. They enable companies to launch, grow, and sustain their market presence.

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Waterloo Media

A radio advertising firm that combines traditional media with in-depth digital strategies, Waterloo Media utilizes the broadcasting, Internet Radio, Media, and Entertainment fields to optimize marketing outcomes.

Purpose Worldwide

Purpose Worldwide prioritizes accountability in marketing communications. They offer comprehensive advertising services, along with content marketing, digital marketing, and public relations solutions.


Focusing on influencer marketing, Hypepilot, founded by Adam Zimmer, Armin Sejdic and Reid Thomas, has created an open marketplace for businesses and influencers to connect and collaborate. Their platforms cover advertising, brand marketing, and social network among other domains.


SynapseAds implements comprehensive digital marketing strategies. They also provide consulting services, helping businesses navigate the complex digital advertising space.

Bhavsar Growth Consulting

Bhavsar Growth Consulting specializes in providing fractional head of marketing services, assisting companies in their journey towards growth.


Catering primarily to the food and beverage industry, TexasRealFood provides consulting services for local food businesses in Texas. They execute effective marketing and advertising strategies to promote their clients.

Indie Consulting

The marketing firm Indie Consulting offers a wide array of services from brand building and marketing transformation to growth marketing.

Pegasus Promo

Pegasus Promo stands out with its emphasis on NFT campaign strategies aimed at promoting financial growth for businesses. Their expertise in Advertising, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Digital Marketing makes them a unique player in the ecosystem.


Zfluence focuses on promotions and brand identification services, helping brands enhance their market presence and recognition.

CPG Digital

CPG Digital offer services focused on business intelligence, programmatic advertising, branding, customer acquisition, and paid media. A perfect blend of consulting and Advertising that assists in strategic decision making.

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Model FA

Model FA designs marketing, practice management, and investment solutions for financial advisors to facilitate business and sales growth.

Value Pro Partners

A consulting hub, Value Pro Partners helps organizations steer their marketing strategies, campaigns, analytics, and content sectors.

3rd & Lamar Media

Founded by Nick Schenck, 3rd & Lamar Media functions as a production house and customer acquisition lab. They intertwine advertising, news, social media, and marketing to render multidimensional services.

These startups showcase the spirit of innovation and creativity that’s driving Austin’s vibrant advertising scene. From traditional marketing tactics to AI-driven strategies, these companies are paving the way for a more integrated and impactful future of advertising.

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