Exploring Cutting-Edge Identity Verification Tools for Startups in 2023

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Identity verification products are critical in establishing trust among businesses, employees, and customers. The following article reviews multiple Identity Verification products, such as CINCEL, BlueCheck, ID.me, Autenti, Evident ID, Alice Biometrics, Stripe Identity, and Konfirmi, analyzing their strength points, area of activity, and specific benefits. Adopting high-quality, efficient, and secure identity verification can ensure lawful operations.


Identity Verification has become a non-negotiable aspect of our digital interactions. It guarantees secure and compliant operations in a wide range of industries, from fintech and e-commerce to health and public sectors. The following article offers a detailed examination of prominent identity verification products available in the market.


CINCEL provides a comprehensive, end-to-end suite tailored to each business’s unique requirements. It sets itself apart by offering a multi-signature feature and adhering to international standards while integrating artificial intelligence. Blockchain notarization offers an additional layer of trust and security.


BlueCheck offers an identity verification service specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into your business operations without affecting user conversion rates. The automation tools leverage machine learning to enhance conversions and reduce error rates.


ID.me streamlines the process of proving and sharing one’s identity online in a secure manner. Accommodating millions of members, it’s the only provider with video chat capability committed to leaving no identity behind for a genuinely inclusive digital identity.


Autenti heralds a new era of signing documents and contracts online. By digitalizing traditional transactions, Autenti significantly brings down the time needed to close a deal, inspiring positive environmental shifts along the way.

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Evident ID

Evident ID takes a different approach towards identity verification, focusing on monitoring employee health statuses to curtail COVID-19 exposure. Through its Health Status app, businesses can accurately identify health risks and comply with protective measures during the pandemic.

Alice Biometrics

Alice Biometrics offers a highly secure, efficient and automatic online identity verification solution. It is particularly suitable for businesses requiring stringent identity verification processes to meet business operations or legal obligations.

Stripe Identity

Stripe Identity offers an easy way to validate the identities of global users, and it integrates smoothly within any marketplace or community setting. Developed on a platform that verifies millions of users worldwide, it provides a crucial part of compliance requirements particularly in high-risk situations.


Konfirmi sees to it that websites or apps, regardless of their scope, have easily set-up verification methods including multi-factor authentication, KBA checks, and biometric authentication, which reduces customer friction during identity verification processes and ensures that legal requirements for verification are met.

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