Exploring Influential Venture Capital Startups Transforming NYC’s Business Landscape in 2023

In the city that never sleeps, innovative startups are always on the move. Bursting with creativity, tech advances, and disruptive ideas, New York City is the hub for Venture Capital startups. From brand discovery platforms to investment firms and everything in between, the world of Venture Capital is being continuously shaped in the Big Apple. Here’s a guide through some of the most exciting startups which have emerged from New York recently, covering the industries they operate in, their unique business descriptions and the visionary minds behind them.


Thingtesting is a brand discovery and review platform that has made a notable impression in the Venture Capital scene. The company was founded by Jenny Gyllander.

Inspired Capital Partners

Inspired Capital Partners is an early-stage technology venture fund aimed at supporting the new generation of exceptional entrepreneurs in the Financial Services and Venture Capital sphere. The Founders, Alexa von Tobel, Lucy Deland, and Mark Batsiyan, have set the wheels in motion for a fresh wave of inspiration.

Equal Ventures

Steered by Richard Kerby and Rick Zullo, Equal Ventures is a seed stage venture fund that backs founders and businesses disrupting legacy markets.

Cold Start Ventures

Cold Start Ventures is a venture builder that incubates and funds missions-driven companies, a novel approach in the fields of Financial Services, Lending, and Venture Capital. The company was founded by Yury Yakubchyk and can be found online at coldstartventures.com.

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Kinship is a transformative venture translating modern technology into a brighter future for pets. They operate in the realms of Data Mining, IT, Pet businesses, and Venture Capital.

Untitled Investments

Untitled Investments is a long-term investment firm and partner for leading growth companies in public and private markets, founded by Neeraj Chandra.

Pace Capital

Pace Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm focusing on Series A investments. The venture was breathed into life by founders Chris Paik and Jordan Cooper.

Veritus Holdings

Veritus Holdings was established by Stephen Ippolito aiming to connect visionary professionals dedicated to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable investing.

Blue Opal Capital

Blue Opal Capital invests in high-performing, access-constrained private equity, and venture capital, under the guidance of Federico Jost and Saeed Al Otaiba. Check them out at blueopalcapital.com.

Assured Investment Management

Assured Investment Management operates as a capital management firm that offers investment, municipal finance, and structured credit services.

Olive Tree Ridge

Olive Tree Ridge is a multi-strategy asset management firm and investment bank with Herbert Moore behind the wheel.


Sfumato is a screening platform that transforms quantitative and qualitative applicant data into a standardized score, catering to the finance, software, and venture capital sectors.


Richard Duff’s venture, Aventuur, was launched as an adventure and leisure industry-focused investment platform, intersecting with renewable energy and venture capital.

American Triple I Partners, LLC

American Triple I was instigated by Henry Cisneros, and is an investor, owner, developer, and manager of infrastructure assets and infrastructure-focused companies.

SAB Capital

SAB Capital is a commercial real estate company specializing in investment sales, and services in the commercial real estate sector ranging from advice, leasing, to venture capital.

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