Exploring Innovative 2023 Product Roadmaps in Emerging Start-Up Businesses

Key Takeaways: This guide introduces and provides an in-depth review of nine different product roadmap tools that can help your team strategize, collect and manage user feedback, prioritize features and product releases, and integrate with your existing workflow. The targeted keyword is “product roadmap”. The products being reviewed are: Productroad, Productfolio, Chisel, SAASFE, Reveall, Frill, Canny, Vizzlo and Dragonboat.


As project managers and team leaders, having a clear product roadmap is crucial for aligning teams, setting realistic expectations, and effectively driving the product development process. In the plethora of software solutions available today, finding the ideal product roadmap tool that suits your needs can be overwhelming. This review will explore nine of the best tools in the industry to assist you in making an informed choice.

Productroad Review

Productroad offers an impressive platform where customers can contribute feedback for product enhancement. The software promotes active customer engagement by allowing the collection and upvoting of feedback, which can then drive the decision-making process for product roadmaps. Users can also keep their customers informed about the status of their feedback and new updates via a changelog and direct notifications.

Productfolio Review

If you are searching for an All-in-One software for your product management needs, consider Productfolio. It’s a robust platform that aids in defining strategies, collecting and organizing ideas, creating visual roadmaps, and drafting product releases. It stands out due to its user-centric experience and affordability.

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Chisel Review

Described as a product manager’s best friend, Chisel makes it easy to create roadmaps, gather customer feedback, and prioritize product features. The tool also enables real-time collaboration, centralized data access, and offers customizable workflows making it a necessary asset for modern product managers.


With SAASFE, you can collect ideas, build roadmaps, manage requests and create changelogs all from one location. This platform takes customer feedback seriously, allowing customers to vote on the next big feature suggestion. Furthermore, admins gain access to a comprehensive dashboard that compiles every detail for easy digestion and reference.

Reveall Review

Reveall focuses on making continuous product discovery simpler. Its primary aim is to help users make sense of their research and utilize insights to identify, prioritize, and validate opportunities.

Frill Review

If capturing, organizing and announcing product feedback efficiently is a priority, consider Frill. This clean and simple solution enables users to easily capture customer feedback and announce updates using automated emails. Customers can also contribute their ideas and vote on others, facilitating a customer-drive product development approach.

Canny Review

With Canny, you never have to worry about great ideas slipping through the cracks again. One of the tool’s strengths is feature request collection, where it lets you analyze, categorize, and organize feedback and feature requests. Furthermore, it assists in creating a distinct feedback loop to ensure a continuous flow of fresh ideas.

Vizzlo Review

For fans of visualization, Vizzlo offers seamless plug-ins for popular applications like PowerPoint and Google Slides. It also supports robust collaboration tools, data analysis functions and design customization. Updating visuals is straightforward, making it a much-recommended tool for teams seeking efficient and elegant ways to present their data.

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Dragonboat Review

Lastly, Dragonboat is a comprehensive platform that connects objectives with initiatives and aligns OKRs with Agile deliverables. Among its key strengths is resourcing need assessment, progress tracking, and risk prediction. To make your transition smooth, Dragonboat also allows for easy import from spreadsheets and copy-paste functionalities from Slides.


There you have it, nine product roadmap tools that lead the pack in terms of functionality and user-experience. Each product has its strengths; the right choice ultimately depends on your specific needs. Test out a few, and you are sure to find your product roadmap solution and see your products evolve in response to both customer feedback and your strategic direction.

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