Exploring Revolutionary Feedback Management Tools for Startups in 2023

Key Takeaways:
  • Feedback management is a crucial aspect of any business in understanding and catering to user needs.
  • Pure Chat offers real-time analytics and chat functionality for efficient lead generation.
  • Vetter Online Suggestion Box captures employee feedback for implementation with easy and user-friendly software.
  • Chatlio for Slack enhances customer care by integrating a live chat app into your website using existing apps.
  • Rapidr integrates customer feedback into product development with its all-encompassing tools.
  • Sleekplan brings a centralized feedback platform to your website with added features like satisfaction surveys and feature-voting boards.
  • Mesma anticipates improvement areas and provides support for quality improvement with clear oversight.
  • Qeryz allows customization of surveys and collects website’s NPS for deeper analysis.
  • Survs helps create professional surveys with its clean interface and reliable features.
  • Upvoty uses feedback boards for product optimization and allows sharing of progress to users.

Feedback Management is a fundamental tool for businesses to fully comprehend and cater to their customer needs. It sheds light on areas of improvement and facilitates effective, strategic decisions. This article delves into examining various feedback management tools, each equipped with unique and compelling features designed to boost your business’s impact and responsiveness, ultimately enhancing your rapport with your customers.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a comprehensive conversation tool that provides crucial insights into traffic trends, user experience, and marketing campaign effectiveness. Designed for advanced sales and marketing teams, it allows you to connect with your website visitors throughout the customer lifecycle. By leveraging this data, businesses can identify promising leads and capitalize on the most qualified prospects leading to increased sales. It assists in effectively converting your website into a lead generation platform.

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Vetter Online Suggestion Box

Vetter’s online suggestion system enables easy tracking and implementation of employee suggestions. Recognizing the necessity of simplicity in interface to increase employee participation, Vetter ensures that their software remains super user-friendly. The software allows straightforward idea submission on both a computer and through their mobile apps, with the ability to gather and implement suggestions seamlessly.

Chatlio for Slack

As the first official live chat app fully integrated with Slack, Chatlio is a complete customer care system that can easily merge into your website and slack account. Using Chatlio, customer location, local time, browser and OS information, and the current page they are conversing from are automatically displayed. This information facilitates more meaningful and efficient conversations, enhancing the overall customer service experience.


With a focus on integrating customer feedback into product development, Rapidr provides tools to capture, organize, and analyze feedback from various sources. The software prioritizes feedback, helping businesses determine which feedback drives the most business impact. This ultimately helps to close end-to-end feedback management effectively.


Sleekplan offers an all-in-one feedback tool that organizes user requests and brings feature voting boards, roadmaps, changelogs, and satisfaction surveys to your website. With a single, centralized place to capture, track, and organize internal and external feedback, Sleekplan ensures your business makes wise product decisions based on comprehensive and structured feedback.


Mesma focuses on quality improvement in an organization. The platform allows the monitoring of quality parameters using the collaborative approach of the Improve tool. From setting deadlines to capturing the desired and actual impact, Mesma brings about an organized and well-structured approach to quality improvement planning. Furthermore, it includes Observe tool, for the developmental observation of practice.

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Qeryz is a survey tool that offers numerous customization options, including color selection and location placement. The format flexibility and mobile optimization help make the surveys as unintrusive as possible. An additional feature that sets Qeryz apart is the ability to capture and automatically calculate your site’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), providing a deeper level of analysis.


Survs is an intuitive platform that allows the creation of professional surveys easily with your team. Its clean interface and reliable features make the process of collecting feedback efficient and effective. Surveys can be delivered through multiple channels, enhancing coverage and response rates.


Upvoty enables users to turn their feedback into actionable product optimizations. With feedback boards featuring voting mechanisms, businesses can readily identify the most demanded features and improvements. The ability to share product updates and launches inspires trust and appreciation from the users.

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