Exploring Top 10 Innovative Sales Intelligence Tools in 2023 for Startups

Key Takeaways

Emerging tools promise to revolutionize the Sales Intelligence industry by leveraging data, AI, and machine learning to automate tasks, offer insights, and improve customer interactions. Tools such as Versium REACH, GetEmail.io, Voila Norbert, Owler, Seamless.AI, AeroLeads, Anymail Finder, Jiminny, ContactOut, Crunchbase, Ampliz, and Aptivio are explored in-depth, highlighting the cutting-edge functionalities, integration prowess, analytic capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces, giving businesses an unprecedented edge in their sales initiatives.


Stepping into the age of digital transformation implies embracing the power and potential of data. Sales strategy, once guided by intuition and experience, now finds itself driven by predictive algorithms and big data analytics. Sales Intelligence, the process of gathering, analysing, and applying information related to customer activities, market trends, and sales campaigns, is being revolutionized. Following is a detailed review of 12 of the most promising tools in the realm of Sales Intelligence today.

Versium REACH

Versium REACH is an all-in-one data technology platform that transforms data into strategic assets to boost marketing performance. Its suite of data tools enhances audience reach and engagement by leveraging over 2 billion contact points in its rich identity graph and insights engine.


Capitalizing on the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, GetEmail.io can find almost anyone’s email address on Earth. Further collaborations with Google Chrome allow for seamless user operations, making this tool a time-saving asset for enterprises.

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VoilaNorbert is no ordinary digital assistant. This tool efficiently finds anyone’s email address, making corporate communication efficient, targeted, and productive.


Owler’s company tracking platform allows access to exclusive information on over 13M public and private businesses. The ability to filter by industry, geography, revenue, employee count, and more, aids businesses to track those companies that matter to them.


Seamless.AI relies on artificial intelligence to create lists of profitable contacts and accounts, thereby increasing revenue, enhancing sales, and enlarging a company’s total addressable market.


With its free chrome plugin and unique integration with LinkedIn, AeroLeads enables businesses to build real-time, comprehensive, and reliable email lists that provide valid data points including job title and company URL, making lead generation simplified.

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is a potential game-changer. With a range of tools to locate emails by job title and a bulk search feature, Anymail Finder represents a reliable and efficient method to build credible sales and marketing databases.


Jiminny Sidekick is the perfect sidekick for modern sales teams. The tool records meetings, feeds data directly into a CRM, provides visibility, extracts key themes, and drives deals, all while saving your team valuable time.


ContactOut develops on top of LinkedIn and Github, helping businesses find emails and phone numbers of crucial stakeholders by integrating AI, boosting response times, and enriching your contacts’ network.


Crunchbase is a leading platform trusted by professionals to discover innovative companies, connect with the people behind them, and pursue new opportunities, obtaining funding data and critical market insights with ease.

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Ampliz is an APAC B2B Data and Healthcare Analytics Platform powered by Contextual Intelligence. Ampliz SalesBuddy is designed to enable Sales and Marketing personnel with personalized intelligence, addressing the challenge of B2B lead generation head on.


The AI infused platform, Aptivio, offers a unified solution for sustainable business growth by enabling opportunity discovery, revenue conversions, sales and marketing unification, and providing an optimized selling experience.

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