Influential Austin Property Management Startups Revolutionizing Texas Real Estate 2023

As an ever-growing hub for entrepreneurs and innovation, Austin, Texas is home to a myriad of startups that are revolutionizing traditional industries. Among these industries, property management is becoming more and more tech-infused, creating possibilities that range from streamlined processes to personalized experiences. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exhilarating Property Management startups that are changing how we experience real estate in Austin, Texas.

From advanced brokerage services to constructions and digital enhancements to property management, these startups are leveraging technology to challenge the status quo. Whether it’s by offering a rewarding system for renters or creating software to facilitate the investment in short-term rentals, these organizations are making a big splash in the sector.

This spotlight guides you to the forefront of innovation in Property Management, and may well inspire your next real estate endeavor. Without further ado, let’s dive into the astonishing initiatives that are redefining the property management landscape in Austin, Texas.


Dwelling is a tech-powered real estate brokerage that finds buyers thousands to buy a home and makes the entire process incredibly simple. It operates in the Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Property Management, and Real Estate industry.

Metric Property Management

Bringing together management, construction and financial services, Metric Property Management are offering a wide range of services in the Leasing, Property Management, Real Estate, and Rental sector.

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Fairground Real Estate

Operational in the Property Management, Real Estate, Sales industry, Fairground Real Estate is streamlining the real estate agent model to the needs of modern clientele.

Hogan Architects

Hogan Architects focus on custom residential and small boutique commercial projects, creating unique products in the Construction, Property Development, Property Management space.

NextGen Real Capital

NextGen Real Capital specializes in commercial real estate investment, multi-family projects and property management services across the Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, and Real Estate industry.

Ensor & Co., Realtors

Meeting the needs of property sellers and buyers, Ensor & Co., Realtors is a leading real estate firm offering brokerage, property management, home selling, and buying services.

Andes STR

Andes STR, founded by Sebastian Rivas, is a Proptech startup revolutionizing real estate with proprietary technology. Their solution, available on, is designed to help customers invest in short-term rentals effortlessly.


Ender, founded by Jason Mirra and Jonathan Lonsdale, is a real estate company that helps owners of rental homes to more efficiently handle day-to-day operations of property management.


More than just a Property Management firm, CasaPerks is introducing the world’s best rewards program for renters.

Empower Transactions

Founded by Jennifer McKinley and Keith Dunham, Empower Transactions provides real estate transaction and document management services.


iappraisal is an appraisal management company that provides residential, commercial, and property valuation services.

Narrow Road Group

Narrow Road Group operates both as an investor, operator, and developer of residential real estate and as a company in the Property Management, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment sector.

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South Shore District

South Shore District provides energy-saving digital programmable thermostats and recycling and trash services as part of their offering as an apartment complex.

Solidago Residential Services

Solidago Residential Services is providing reimagined management services in the Property Management, Real Estate, Residential sector.

In conclusion, these startups represent the future of property management in Austin, Texas, contributing innovation, variety and enhancements to a constantly evolving industry. Clearly, these dynamic startups show that Austin is not only the capital of Texas but arguably also the capital of property management innovation.

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