Influential Financial Services Startups Shaping Austin’s Economic Landscape in 2023

The vibrant city of Austin, Texas has become a thriving hub for tech startups in recent years especially in the financial services sector. With its vibrant tech community, excellent universities, and uniquely entrepreneurial spirit, Austin attracts entrepreneurs who are eager to disrupt traditional sectors and bring something unique to the table. This article highlights some of the most noteworthy financial services startups in the city, startups that are challenging the status quo and bringing fresh ideas to the world of finance, insurance, property management, and more.

Each of these startups identified a unique pain point in their respective industries and came up with innovative solutions that are reshaping how we handle money, mitigate risk, buy homes, and invest in businesses. They are leveraging technology to optimize processes, deliver highly effective services, and ultimately improve the financial lives of consumers and businesses. Without further ado, let’s delve into each of these startups and explore their unique offerings.

Please note that the information provided, including the founders of the startups, is up to date at the time of writing.

Sigo Seguros

Sigo Seguros , co-founded by Júlio Erdos and Nestor Solari, offers auto insurance services with an innovative twist. They are expressly tackling the pain points of auto insurance in the industry, revamping the sector through the use of technology and data analysis which makes them a part of both Financial services and Insurtech.

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GoBuild is an exciting startup co-founded by Chapman Snowden and Drew Barrett. Its unique selling point is offering financial operating systems for small-scale construction. It comfortably straddles the financial services, service industry, and software sectors.

Zoro Card

Innovation in the credit card industry is brought forward by Zoro Card. Co-founded by Roger Morris and Zak Grove, Zoro Card helps users build credit with a debit card. This fintech startup operates in the Banking, Credit, Financial Services, and Personal Finance sectors.


Ironspring is a network-driven venture capital fund that’s making waves in the financial services and venture capital sectors. Co-founded by Adam Bridgman, Peter J. Holt, and Ty Findley, their business model is geared towards investing in digital industrial innovation. Ironspring represents a new, tech-focused approach to asset management.


Founded by Joshua Keys and Justin Fischer, RiskScout is providing cloud banking and infrastructure services to financial institutions. They aim to resolve financial risks using their proprietary software. To know more about them, visit their website at RiskScout.


Dwelling is a tech-powered real estate brokerage aimed at making the property buying process incredibly simple. They offer services in the finance, financial services, fintech, property management, and real estate sectors. Their streamlined service aims to find buyers thousands to buy a home.

Loan People

Loan People, as the name suggests, provides individual-focused loan services with in-house operations comprising processing, underwriting, closing, and funding. They operate in the financial services, lending, and funding platform sectors.

Altway Insurance

Altway Insurance is a captivating AI-driven direct-to-consumer insurance brokerage platform. Co-founder Brendan McCord is leading the helm of this startup. You can visit their site at Altway Insurance.

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New Providence Acquisition

New Providence Acquisition is a blank check company operating in the asset management, business development, and financial services sectors. Their model focuses on effecting business combinations with one or more businesses. Currently, their website is not available but we’ll provide updates when the information becomes available.

Door Capital Partners

Door Capital Partners is a private equity firm that invests specifically in hospitality assets. They operate in the financial services, professional services, and real estate investment sectors.


Allianse is proving to be a valuable resource for startups at all stages. Their platform connects pre-seed to Series A startups and investors, helping to bridge the gap between innovators and capital.

IronClad Consulting

IronClad Consulting Services specializes in providing fractional finance solutions, strategy, growth support, and advisory services. They offer their services in the consulting, financial services and professional services sectors.

Xantos Labs

Xantos Labs is reimagining investing with their online mobile application that builds and manages portfolios of people. They are operating in the financial exchanges, financial services, insurance, and mobile apps sectors.

Inflection Brands

Inflection Brands is an investor and capital partner focused on the growing sector of digital-first businesses. They operate in the e-commerce platforms, financial services and venture capital sectors.

Lowenberg Consulting

Lastly, Lowenberg Consulting is catering to a niche base of business owners and entrepreneurs. Founded by Carlos H. Lowenberg Jr., Lowenberg Consulting specializes in building and protecting wealth for business owners, entrepreneurs, and their families.

Each of these startups is reshaping the financial services landscape in Austin, proving that this city is an exciting incubator for inventive, impactful, and innovative financial solutions.

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Read more from US Venture News  Is Personalized Behavioral Health Care the Future of mHealth Technology?
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