Influential LA Security Startups Revolutionizing Industry in 2023: Comprehensive Overview

Innovations and advancements in technology have positioned Los Angeles, California as a vibrant base of tech startups in the realm of security. These startups are not only redefining the landscape of the industry, but are also equipped with creative solutions to pressing cybersecurity challenges, emergency preparedness, data protection, and network security, among others. In this content, we highlight some interesting security startups in Los Angeles, bringing cutting-edge technology to the forefront of industries like Cyber Security, Digital Media, National Security, and Software. Let’s dive in!

1. Open Raven

Founded by Dave Cole and Mark Curphey, Open Raven is the go-to entity for preventing leaks, breaches, and compliance incidents. Propelling its stance in the Cyber Security and Network Security world, Open Raven focusses on data security posture management, ensuring a secure and regulated data environment.

2. harbor

harbor is the brainchild of Dan Kessler and Eduardo Fonseca, finding its niche in Digital Media, National Security, Social Media, and Software. The key proposition of harbor is an app and readiness platform which streamlines the assessment and development of preparedness for emergency events like wildfires.


VPLS has carved a niche in the Cloud Computing, Customer Service, Network Security, and Software industries by providing quality networking services to its clients.

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4. inSOC

inSOC stands tall in the Cyber Security and Information Technology sector by offering a full range of cybersecurity services designed specifically for resale by MSPs and MSSPs.

5. ESICloud

ESICloud specialises in cloud storage collection, and data analysis for attaining evidence for illegal matters. Their expertise in data forensics has made them a respectable entity in the Cloud Data Services, Cyber Security, and Data Storage industries.

6. ZeroGuard

With a unique ecosystem that combines threat Intelligence, EDR and Crowdsourcing at its core, ZeroGuard has made a significant mark in Cyber Security and Machine Learning fields. Founded by Cal Leeming, ZeroGuard is a strong player with a very low signal-to-noise ratio.

7. VioletX

VioletX, through its strategic and efficient offerings, helps companies manage their cyber security, compliance, and privacy programs. Led by founder Megan Fulton, VioletX is a heavyweight in the Cyber Security and Information Technology world.

8. HiveWatch

HiveWatch strengthens intelligent physical security with its Security Fusion Platform. Founded by Ryan Schonfeld, HiveWatch ensures robust safeguarding in Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Physical Security, Security, and Software sectors.

9. Leonard Cyber

Providing advanced data-driven aptitude testing for offensive security positions, Leonard Cyber, led by founders Dean Valentine and Etienne Lunetta, has made its mark in Human Resources, Recruiting, and Security industries.

10. Secure-Centric

Secure Centric, is a data protection and security solutions firm. Founded by Jake Celler and Shawn Phan, it specialises in IT consulting and network security, leading the Computer, Consulting, Identity Management, Information Technology, and Network Security industries.

11. Integrity Partners

Integrity Partners, a Modern Mobility Venture Investment Team, has vowed to innovate and invigorate the Cyber Security, Last Mile Transportation, Transportation industry.

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12. KIN Logistic Solutions

KIN Logistic Solutions specialises in business process outsourcing for rail drayage and the transportation industry, bringing unique Security, logistics, and outsourcing solutions to the table.

13. Starburst Ventures

Francois Chopard and Van Espahbodi founded Starburst Ventures, a global aviation, space, and defense focused venture capital fund, that has shown prominent presence in Aerospace, National Security, Venture Capital industry.

14. Proteus Space

Creating a mark in Aerospace, Government, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, National Security, Space Travel, Supply Chain Management industry, Proteus Space, is a small satellite systems integrator.

15. Berkeley Marine Robotics Inc.

Berkeley Marine Robotics Inc. simplifies ocean exploration and conservation with its autonomous underwater swarm robotic systems. At the helm of operations, Alexandre Immas and Sushil Tyagi have piloted the company to a unique place in Marine Technology, Marine Transportation, Ports and Harbors, Robotics, and Security industries.

Each of these startups is interesting in its own right, showcasing the immense diversity and innovative potential that Los Angeles, California has to offer in the security industry. These companies represent the transformation of an abstract concept of security to practical solutions that protect from threats and prepare individuals and organizations for a safer and securer future.

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