Innovative New York Staffing Agency Startups Disrupting Talent Acquisition in 2023

New York, often referred to as the concrete jungle where dreams are made, boasts a thriving startup scene teeming with innovation and entrepreneurial talent. This rich ecosystem is particularly evident in the staffing agency sector, where a host of dynamic startups are leveraging technology and ingenuity to reimagine and redefine recruitment and human resources services. Whether it’s by connecting employers with top vetted talents, utilizing intelligent automation technology, or providing specialized staffing services to specific industries, these startups are truly making a mark in their industry. Let’s highlight and explore some of these exciting staffing agency startups hailing from New York.


Founded by Amay Sheth, Showcase is a web and iOS platform that enables teams to discover talent using short video bios. Offering services in a variety of sectors, including Human Resources, Information Technology, mobile apps and software, this innovative startup is truly revolutionizing the way companies recruit talent in the 21st century.

Hale International

Hale International is a staffing agency leading the way in providing contract and permanent Workday professionals to organizations. While this startup remains shrouded in an aura of intrigue with its founders currently unknown, its innovative approach to staffing helps organizations save on costs and improve efficiency.


FortyOak is bringing intelligent automation technology staffing and advisory services to organizations. They provide quality staffing solutions in the industrial automation and software industry, helping companies find the perfect fit for their needs.

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One Plus One Partners

One Plus One Partners, founded by Ashley McGinnis, is a prestigious staffing and recruitment firm providing services to the architectural, design, legal, and compliance sectors. Find out more about their unique approach at their website.

Abode TechZone

Abode TechZone is a market leader in IT staff augmentation, providing permanent recruitment and contract staffing services to companies.

John W. Hatchl & Associates

Known for their executive search services, John W. Hatchl & Associates offers a unique service that focuses on the placement of partners, counsel, and legal support candidates.

Virtual Ninja

Virtual Ninja is an online recruitment and outsourcing firm that uses cutting-edge technology to offer efficient and effective staffing solutions.

New Journey AI

Providing staffing and managed services for autonomous driving and light industries, New Journey AI is at the forefront of driving the future of work and technology.

A&G Domestic Staffing Services

Specializing in providing nannies, housekeepers, and newborn care specialists, A&G Domestic Staffing Services is a trusted daycare agency that ensures families receive the best care possible. is a role-based marketplace that prides itself on connecting employers with top screened and vetted finance talent, adding value and efficiency to the recruitment process.

XQL Outsource

XQL Outsource is a technology solution services provider that doubles as a staffing agency, helping companies find the perfect fit for their technology departments.


As a SaaS and mobile app, Cherrypicker offers a powerful solution for connecting top passive talent with assertive employers looking to make their next big hire.

Darmor Partners

As a recruitment and executive search firm, Darmor Partners leverages industry knowledge and networking prowess to facilitate successful matches between employers and job seekers.

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Co-founded by Alessandro Russo, Jainil Sutaria, and Jake Barry, Pallet is spearheading the revolution of community-driven hiring markets, creating an infrastructure that benefits job seekers and employers alike.

Elevation Health Group

Last but certainly not least, Elevation Health Group provides clinical expertise, healthcare staffing, and regulatory support services, playing a pivotal role in the healthcare sector by ensuring organizations have access to top healthcare professionals.

In conclusion, these 15 startups represent the varied and vibrant staffing agency sector in the heart of New York. As they tackle different niches within staffing, they exemplify the richness of innovation and entrepreneurship in the city.

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