Revolutionary Sustainability Products Redefining Startups Landscape in 2023

Welcome to our review and showcase of key products paving the way for sustainability in business operations. With a keen focus on sustainability and green initiatives, these products offer groundbreaking solutions to help businesses track, report and improve their environmental and social efforts. We’ll examine their features, benefits, and how they can help companies make strides towards a more sustainable future.

Key Takeaways

  • ESGenius: An automated ESG management platform utilizing AI and CBA for unbiased ESG sustainability ratings.
  • Normative: A science-based platform that measures a company’s overall ecological footprint with actionable insights for improvement.
  • Brightest: Comprehensive software for managing and reporting on CSR, ESG, and sustainability.
  • TechCSR: A centralized platform for managing CSR activities assisted by GIS and MIS technology.
  • Sequoia Waste Solutions: Operational design for intelligent waste and recycling systems.
  • BraveGen: Award-winning software for comprehensive sustainability reporting across multiple CSR frameworks.
  • SafetyFirst: A central platform focused on improving workplace safety.
  • Metrio: A platform facilitating sustainability reporting and ESG data management.
  • Responsibly: A solution for enhancing responsible sourcing through improved data infrastructure.


ESGenius! is a cloud-based ESG management platform that combines AI and CBA to provide unbiased and transparent ESG ratings. This SaaS platform eliminates the potential for human error and bias, using AI algorithms to extract ESG information from an array of sources. This ensures companies can measure, track, and report their environmental, social, and governance efforts with complete accuracy.


Normative provides a thorough examination of a company’s ecological footprint using science-based calculations. Businesses can directly upload accounting data to the platform, and then the software calculates the environmental footprint and provides actionable insights for improvement. These insights include emissions analysis to enhance sustainability strategies.

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Brightest has developed software to unify CSR, ESG, and sustainability reporting. The platform is adaptive and can help various purpose-driven organizations, from companies and governments to non-profits and NGOs, achieve better visibility and oversight of their environmental and social impact data.


TechCSR offers a centralized platform for managing all aspects of your organization’s CSR practices. With capabilities for need assessment, fund allocation, project progress tracking, and impact analysis, it provides comprehensive oversight of a company’s CSR activities through an integrated web and mobile application.

Sequoia Waste Solutions

Sequoia Waste Solutions provides technology and equipment for efficient waste and recycling management. The operational design eases monitoring and managing recycling systems and waste disposal, optimizing a fundamental aspect of sustainable operations.


BraveGen has developed comprehensive sustainability software for detailed historical, current, and forecasted data, including energy, waste, water, emissions and more. The software streamlines the tracking of sustainability initiatives and aligns them with multiple CSR frameworks for enhanced documentation and reporting.


SafetyFirst platform serves as a one-stop solution for everything related to workplace safety, emphasizing the importance of a safe environment for sustainability. It assists employees in identifying, reporting, and resolving unsafe situations and accidents, boosting overall workplace safety.


Metrio is a robust sustainability reporting platform that helps companies optimize their performance, identify ESG risks, and develop sustainability strategies. The Metrio platform makes sustainability reporting straightforward with clean, traceable data storage, and innovative, collaborative options.


Responsibly aims to simplify responsible sourcing by offering an innovative data infrastructure solution. Their platform minimizes the immense task of evaluating millions of suppliers and fragmented data sources, making responsible procurement decisions easier and more convenient.

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Choosing the right products to enhance sustainability performance is vital for businesses seeking to thrive in a progressively eco-conscious world. These ten products offer unique solutions to manage, report, and improve diverse aspects of corporate sustainability, providing invaluable tools in the quest for a greener future.

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