Revolutionizing LA: Influential Manufacturing Startups Dominating California’s Industry Landscape

In the heartland of Los Angeles, California, a new breed of startups is starting to rise. These companies, primarily in the Manufacturing industry, are bringing fresh innovations and technologies to the market. From AI-powered manufacturing systems to creative beverage makers, here’s a closer look at some of the exceptional Manufacturing startups that are reshaping their industries in LA.

While many might associate Los Angeles with Hollywood and entertainment, the city is also fertile ground for manufacturing innovations. The innovation ecosystem in LA, a city known for its creativity and entrepreneurship, nurtures the growth of new ideas in different industries, including manufacturing. The fusion of technology and manufacturing in these startups is creating more efficient, sustainable, and smart solutions.

Here are more details about the 15 innovative manufacturing startups in Los Angeles, categorized by their name, website, descriptions, and founders.

Atomic Industries

Atomic Industries is a computational manufacturing company building an AI-powered tool and die maker. The masterminds behind this innovative startup are Aaron Slodov, Austin Bishop, and Lou Young Jr.


Vervet is a manufacturing company that specializes in the retail, sales, and distribution of beer and cocktails. This enterprise was founded by Alex Rosenblum, Hope Ewing, and Robert Fieldhouse.

Lookin Inc.

Lookin Inc. develops terahertz scanners for high-throughput and high-sensitivity material characterization and quality control. This high-tech startup was founded by Nezih Tolga Yardimci.

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Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli

Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli is a plant-based meat manufacturer offering vegan roasted turkey slices, chicken strips, beef crumbles, and taco meat.

Bumpin Blends

Bumpin Blends is a manufacturer and seller of personalized pre-blended smoothie cubes, an idea brought to life by founder Lisa Eberly Mastela.

Whom Home

Whom Home specializes in manufacturing and distributing furniture including accent chairs, sectional sofas, coffee tables, art & accessories.

The Hurd

The Hurd creates man-made cellulosic fiber pulp from agricultural waste. This green initiative has been pioneered by David Mun and Taylor Heisley-Cook.

Ciencia Labs

Ciencia Labs is a cutting-edge manufacturer of innovative cannabis brands and products, founded by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, Jannise Babbush, and Wassef Tawachi.


Neve is an e-commerce company that designs, manufactures and markets sporting goods and other recreational products for women.


Peels specializes in the production of CBD products made from oranges.


EXO develops home pest control using plant-powered formulations. The pioneering mind behind this startup is founder Nandeet Mehta.

B2B Cann

B2B Cann is a manufacturer specializing in technology, automation, engineering, packaging, and manufacturing services. B2B Cann was brought to life by Danny Oberman.

Spout Water

Spout Water is a manufacturer of powered atmospheric water generators.

Lion Technology Finance

Lion Technology Finance is a finance company that provides financing solutions to help maximize value for the manufacturing industry.


Philifi is focused on creating decentralized digital asset marketplaces.

From AI-powered tool manufacturers to vegan meat producers, Los Angeles is fostering a new generation of startups that are pushing the boundaries of the traditional manufacturing sector. The relentless innovation and entrepreneurship spirit incubated in LA’s ecosystem is driving the city to be a prime location for manufacturing startups.

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