Santa Monica’s Influential E-Commerce Startups Shaping the 2023 Digital Marketplace

Located in the heart of Silicon Beach, Santa Monica is home to numerous innovative startups that have taken the e-commerce industry by storm. Offering tech-savvy solutions ranging from social marketplaces for beauty products to cognitive-enhancing health products, these startups demonstrate the evolving nature of e-commerce. Here, we explore some of the most intriguing e-commerce startups in Santa Monica.

These startups align their strategies with the industry they serve. Whether it’s improving the shipping process, developing a social selling platform, or transforming how we buy Bitcoin, these startups address contemporary issues and offer compelling solutions. With their innovative ideas and robust business models, they reflect the thriving startup scenario in Santa Monica.

Each startup on our list is unique in its own way, but they all share the end goal of enhancing their users’ experience by leveraging technology. They serve as examples of how startups can efficiently cater to their market by creating specialized platforms that streamline the shopping experience.


INLOOKIT, founded by Jess Cruz, is a social marketplace designed for beauty enthusiasts. It offers a live shopping experience, enabling users to discover and purchase beauty products seamlessly. The startup operates at the intersection of beauty, e-commerce, and social shopping.

IRIS Freight

IRIS Freight is an end-to-end shipping platform that aims to enhance the supply chain for perishable goods. Founded by Charles Oddo, Garrett Lang, and Justin Shane, IRIS brings together e-commerce, logistics, shipping, software, and more to provide a safer, more efficient, and transparent supply chain.

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Gnarwhal Coffee Co

Founded by Nick Monica, Gnarwhal Coffee Co delivers coffee ingredients, cold breweries, goods and gift cards through its e-commerce platform. It marries the worlds of e-commerce with the food and beverage industry efficiently.


Cartrev, developed by Cyrus Taghehchian, is a social selling platform that generates shoppable posts for participating brands. It cleverly merges e-commerce with the world of social media.


Magentofx designs development services, Magento 2 development, Magento extension development and offers the option to hire experienced Magento developers. Although the founders of this e-commerce enterprise are unknown, their contributions to web design and development is significant.

Mu-Sync TV

Mu-Sync TV, founded by Dolores Parisi and Phoenix Red, is an online content platform offering tutorials, user-generated marketplace, and 1-on-1 virtual sessions. It is a unique enterprise in the e-commerce, education and marketplace industry.


Brandon Stuarts and Patrick DePeters established pallaby to deliver mass-customized, pre-portioned pet food products. This intersection between e-commerce and pet care is both unique and necessary.


Coco, a brainchild of Brad Squicciarini and Zach Rash, is a last-mile delivery service that implements human-operated sidewalk robots to transport goods from merchants to customers. It revolutionizes e-commerce, food delivery, and logistics with the potential use of robotics.

Betr Remedies

Betr Remedies is an online store selling a wide variety of medicines and medical accessories. Striking a balance between healthcare and e-commerce, it effectively meets consumer needs in the health sector.

Ascend Ecom

Ascend Ecom offers its services as an e-commerce investment management company. It adds a new dimension to the e-commerce sector, integrating it with logistics and wholesale.

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Founded by Austin Piatt, Mindhoney is a health and wellness brand aiming to enhance cognitive faculties with natural nootropics products. Mindhoney strengthens the bond between healthcare, food, beverage, and e-commerce.


Akin Fernandez, Paul Ferguson, and Ryan Dippmann founded Azteco, an easy-to-use Bitcoin buying platform. With a combination of Bitcoin, fintech, and e-commerce, they redefine the retail experience.


With Unrolled, users have access to comprehensive personal and public cannabis information. The company bridges e-commerce with consumer reviews, mobile apps, and the cannabis industry.


Humankind, started by David Weissman, introduces a Conversational Commerce SaaS platform that enhances customer-brand interaction via SMS. It blends personalization, e-commerce, retail technology, and SaaS.

Yuhmmy Cannabis

Duránd Fránçiscus Davis Jr. initiated Yuhmmy Cannabis, a suite that offers ‘Marijuana as a Service’, combining alternative medicine, cannabis, e-commerce, and enterprise software into one offering.

These startups not only make shopping easier but also contribute to the vibrant entrepreneurial culture in Santa Monica. Their embodiment of innovation and technology introduce new dimensions to e-commerce, making it more accessible, streamlined, and efficient.

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