Top 14 Software Testing Tools for Startups in 2023: A Detailed Overview

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Software testing is crucial to ensure that your applications are working optimally. Here, we review some of the top software testing tools available: Tuskr, Kualitee, Jest, StresStimulus, Codeply, SOAPSonar, Frugal Testing, Paw, Applitools, NCrunch, HTTP Toolkit, DevTest, and Testersuite . All these tools offer unique features but ultimately aim to streamline your software testing process.


Software Testing is an essential part of developing software. It informs you about bugs, errors, and defects in a software application that can affect its functionality and impair its effectiveness. Therefore, you need an effective software testing tool that can assist in diagnosing these problems. Here, we review 13 top software testing tools to help you make the best choice for your software testing needs.


Tuskr is a cloud-based test case management software that lets you manage test cases, complete test runs, and connect with your bug and time tracking tools. It offers superb functionality and a pleasingly intuitive interface. Its impressive pricing, a generous free plan, and a 30-day free trial make it an excellent choice for your software testing needs.


Kualitee is a comprehensive test management tool ideal for agile QA and Dev teams. It facilitates planning, writing, executing, and tracking software tests in a collaborative setting and integrates well with other tools such as Jira and GitLab, making it a versatile tool in any software testing toolkit.

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Jest provides an out-of-the-box solution for most JavaScript projects, offering easy tracking for large object testing. It runs tests in their processes to maximise performance, making Jest a fast and efficient tool for software testing.


StresStimulus is a load testing tool ideal for mobile, web and Enterprise apps. It emulates physical users realistically, offering real-time server information to identify application performance issues. Its user-friendly interface makes mobile app load and stress testing easy, appealing to the user experience-oriented tester.


Codeply is a frontend design tool that simplifies HTML/CSS/JS editing by allowing you to utilize your choice’s frameworks. Its integration with various popular frameworks makes it easy to learn, prototype, test, and build for any framework, a feature ideal for front-end developers.


SOAPSonar is an API testing tool that enables validation and regression testing of API behavior. It supports the latest OpenAPI standards and various authentication schemes, making it adept at testing the security credentials of APIs.

Frugal Testing

Frugal Testing enables you to test your web application, REST API, and mobile application in three simple steps. It’s cloud-based, user-friendly, and requires no installation. This makes it an accessible tool for developers at any experience level.


Paw is a full-featured HTTP client that lets you test and describe APIs. It offers a native macOS interface to compose requests, inspect server responses, generate client code and export API definitions, providing a well-rounded solution for API testing needs.


Applitools is a testing and monitoring platform powered by Visual AI. It’s ideal for ensuring your web and mobile applications work as designed across any device, browser, OS, or native app. It is quick to implement and accessible to any size team wanting to increase speed and quality with every release.

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NCrunch is an efficient tool that tracks your code coverage in real-time. It was designed with complex projects in mind and offers helpful test-related data to provide fast, meaningful feedback. With NCrunch, you can offload build and test work to other computers or scale into the cloud, facilitating a streamlined software testing process.

HTTP Toolkit

HTTP Toolkit is a powerful tool for examining HTTP traffic. It allows you to skim through traffic, examine message bodies, manually respond to requests, or set up rules to match requests and respond with your own content. It’s a versatile tool ideal for monitoring traffic and prototyping new endpoints or services.


DevTest by TechExcel is a comprehensive test management software that enforces testing standards, administers QA procedures, and improves testing efficiency. It is designed to manage the entire quality life cycle, making it an invaluable addition to your software testing suite.


Testersuite provides easy-to-use but powerful test management solutions and test tools. Their tools are based on years of hands-on experience in managing complex test projects, making Testersuite an excellent choice for ensuring your software’s top quality.

In sum, selecting the appropriate software testing tool is dependent on your particular needs as a developer or a development team. These tools, each unique in their functionalities and features, offer excellent means of streamlining your software testing process, improving the quality of your software and enhancing your overall productivity.

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