Top Influential Miami Transportation Startups Revolutionizing Florida’s Travel Sector

Transportation startups offer creative and innovative solutions to challenges of urban mobility, logistics, and connectivity. These companies leverage technology to disrupt traditional transportation industries, offering more efficient, eco-friendly, and convenient transportation options for individuals and businesses alike. Miami, Florida, known for its vibrant startup scene, is home to a number of promising transportation startups. In this article, we will explore some of these startups, providing insights into their offerings, the industries they operate in, and the entrepreneurs behind these ventures.

These startups span various sectors including air transportation, automotive, courier and delivery services, logistics and shipping, and even travel. No matter what their specific focus, each of these startups is contributing to reshaping the transportation landscape in Miami, Florida, and beyond. So, without further ado, let’s delve into these impressive Miami transportation startups.

Get ready to learn about the cutting-edge ideas that are shaking up the transportation field. Several of these companies are still quite young, and all of them have fascinating stories to tell about pushing boundaries and working towards a more connected world.

Global Crossing Airlines

Global Crossing Airlines is a new US121 charter airline that operates the Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft. Co-founded by Ed Wegel, the startup is making strides in the Aerospace, Air Transportation, and Customer Service industries.

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Tripper is an automotive company that offers a mobile and web-based platform that connects cab drivers and commuters online. Founded by David Yohros, Tripper is creating waves in the Automotive, Mobile Apps, Ride Sharing, and Transportation sectors.

Courier & Beyond

Through its platform Courier & Beyond, offers reliable courier delivery services. This startup is gaining ground in the industries of Courier Service, Delivery Service, Packaging Services, Same Day Delivery, and Transportation.

EZ Logistics & Shipping

EZ Logistics & Shipping provides comprehensive solutions covering truckload, freight forwarding, warehousing, transportation logistics, and technology. Its services are revolutionizing the Freight Service, Logistics, Shipping, and Transportation sectors.

UDYAT Relocation & Storage System

UDYAT Relocation & Storage System provides moving services for residential and commercial moves. The startup specializes in sectors such as Delivery Service, Logistics, Transportation, and Warehousing.

Holistica Destinations

Developing alluring trips for cruise guests and travelers, Holistica Destinations is a destination development company that operates within the Adventure Travel, Amusement Park and Arcade, and Water Transportation industries.


Drizip is carving out a niche for itself in the Apps, Car Sharing, Peer to Peer, and Transportation industries with its innovative car sharing marketplace. This startup was founded by Fridrik Grimsson.

Wadadli Cargo

Carrying out cargo flights to the Caribbean, Wadadli Cargo operates in the Air Transportation, Logistics, and Shipping sectors. J. Michael Johnson and Yves Ephraim are the founders of this startup.


SMARTii provides an easy and secure automated system of sending information between users and need-to-know businesses. This startup covers a wide range of industries including Air Transportation, Business Information Systems, Charter Schools, Fitness, Hotel, Information Technology, Medical, SaaS, and Software.

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Boasting of being the world’s first voice assistant travel agency, MyVoiceTravel is creating a new travel experience in the Air Transportation, Business Travel, Hospitality, Hotel, Travel, and Travel Agency industries.


Limood’s offers premium transportation, chauffeur, and limousine services, infusing elegance into the Limousine Service, Transportation, and Travel sectors.


Founded by Pablo Blas Fransezze, HiDeliver is a last-mile delivery platform offering local 2-hour and same-day deliveries to individuals and businesses alike. Its cutting-edge platform is impacting the Last Mile Transportation, Logistics, SaaS, and Software industries.

Muver: Gig Driver workspace

Muver, co-founded by Andrei Povalaev, Roman Barinov, and Stanislav Levykin, combines rideshare and delivery apps, making working with Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Instacart easier. Muver is gaining momentum in the Apps, Big Data, Delivery, Delivery Service, Food Delivery, Mobile Apps, Professional Services, Ride Sharing, Sharing Economy, and Transportation sectors.

TA Connections

A Fleetcor company, TA Connections is a provider of technology and services for crew and passenger logistics management, operating within the Logistics and Transportation industries.


Elektrico, founded by Fernando Fiuza de Souza, is revolutionizing the CleanTech, Commercial Real Estate, Communities, Electric Vehicle, Green Building, GreenTech, Property Management, Subscription Service, and Transportation industries with its sustainable EV subscription feature for Multifamily Buildings.

In summary, these Miami-based transportation startups are using technology and innovation to change the way people and goods move, making transportation more efficient, affordable, and accessible. Each startup showcases a unique solution to the transportation challenges facing urban areas, contributing to the evolving landscape of the transportation industry in Miami, and beyond.

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