14 Hardware Startups in San Francisco: Transforming Industries with Innovative Solutions

Exploring 14 Hardware Startups in San Francisco: Revolutionizing Industries with Innovative Solutions

San Francisco has always been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the city continues to be home to some of the world’s most exciting hardware startups. From brain interfaces to stress reduction apps and entry management solutions, these startups are changing the game in their respective industries. In this article, we will showcase 15 of the most interesting hardware startups in San Francisco.

Pano: Faster Response Times for Fire Professionals

Pano offers hardware and software technology solutions for fire professionals. Their aim is to detect threats faster and respond more efficiently to emergencies. Founded by Sonia Kastner, Pano is an innovative startup in the hardware, public safety, and software industries.

Ravacan: Purchasing & Procurement Software for Supply Managers

Ravacan is a purchasing and procurement software that provides supply managers with a central place to analyze costs and manage suppliers. Founded by Anne-Sophie Le Bloas and Benjamin Beguin, Ravacan is making waves in the B2B, hardware, industrial engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, small and medium businesses, and software industries.

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Facel: Reducing Stress with AI

Facel is an AI-based stress reduction app that uses behavioral and physiological data to understand how you feel. Founded by Denis Shilov, Facel is a startup that focuses on artificial intelligence, hardware, health care, health diagnostics, human resources, information technology, medical devices, neuroscience, and wellness.

Swiftlane: Modern and Secure Entry Management

Swiftlane is a modern and secure entry-management solution that utilizes biometrics and artificial intelligence. Founded by Saurabh Bajaj, Swiftlane is an exciting startup in the artificial intelligence, biometrics, hardware, physical security, real estate, and software industries.

Volition: A Marketplace for Industrial Components

Volition is a marketplace that offers a wide range of suppliers of industrial components. Founded by Natalie Klapper, Volition is an innovative startup in the e-commerce, hardware, and marketplace industries.

(re)conceive ai: Ultra-Low-Power Hardware Platform for AI

(re)conceive ai develops an ultra-low-power hardware platform for processing the next generation of artificial intelligence at the edge. Their goal is to revolutionize the artificial intelligence, network hardware, and robotics industries.

Confidential Computing Consortium: Securing Data

Confidential Computing Consortium is a project that aims to secure data and accelerate its adoption. They are a startup that specializes in computer, hardware, network security, and software industries.

Gravity Gaming: Enhancing the Next Generation of Gaming

Gravity Gaming is a mobile hardware and software integrated ecosystem that focuses on enhancing the next generation of gaming. They are a startup that specializes in gaming, hardware, and social industries.

CHIPS Alliance: High-Quality Open Source Hardware Designs

CHIPS Alliance develops high-quality, open source hardware designs that are relevant to silicon devices and FPGAs. They are a startup that specializes in the hardware and open source industries.

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Cradlewise Inc.: Smart Cradle with Integrated Monitoring

Cradlewise offers a smart cradle with responsive rocking and integrated contactless baby monitoring. Founded by Bharath Patil and Radhika Patil, Cradlewise is a startup that specializes in artificial intelligence, baby, child care, consumer electronics, consumer goods, hardware, health care, internet of things, and parenting industries.

OVE Touch & Go®: Pay with Your Fingerprints at Point-of-Sale

OVE Touch & Go® allows users to pay with their fingerprints at point-of-sale. Founded by Anshul Bagai, Caio Buchalla, and Dan Cafiero, OVE Touch & Go® is an innovative startup that specializes in biometrics, fintech, hardware, payments, and software industries.

Flux: Collaborative Electronic Design and Development Platform

Flux develops a collaborative, in-browser platform for electronic design and development. Founded by Christian Blank, Lance Cassidy, and Matthias Wagner, Flux is an exciting startup that specializes in hardware and software industries.

Mote: Audio Tool Kit for Educators and Learners

Mote is an audio tool kit for educators and learners. Founded by Alex Nunes and Will Jackson, Mote is a startup that specializes in apps, communication hardware, and software industries.

SafeBeat Rx: Live-Saving ECG Technology

SafeBeat Rx provides life-saving ECG technology that replaces hospitalization. Founded by Kunj Patel and Rachita Navara, SafeBeat Rx is an innovative startup that specializes in hardware, health care, and software industries.


The hardware startups in San Francisco are at the forefront of innovation and are transforming their respective industries with their innovative solutions. From brain interfaces and stress reduction apps to entry management solutions and marketplace platforms, these startups are pushing boundaries and creating a brighter future. We hope you found this showcase of 15 interesting hardware startups in San Francisco informative and inspiring.

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