Top Chicago Management Consulting Startups Dominating the Business Sphere in 2023

Chicago is a rapidly emerging startup hub, renowned for a broad range of startups working in numerous sectors. In recent years, it has seen a boom in startups providing innovative solutions in the field of Management Consulting. With a sharp focus on services ranging from strategic advisory to technology consulting, and from educational administration and advisory services to contract lifecycle management; these startups are disrupting conventional norms and providing unique services that address current market gaps. This article showcases some of these dynamic startups that are leading the charge in Chicago’s Management Consulting sector.

They are creatively designed to impact diverse sectors including but not limited to finance, healthcare, education, marketing, and software development. With a robust blend of seasoned and emerging startups, the landscape looks encouraging for fresh ideas, unique solutions and the emergence of game-changing paradigms. Here is an overview of some of these intriguing startups leading the way in Management Consulting in Chicago.

The highlighted companies encompass various industries such as Advertising, Advice, Consulting, Health Care, Education, Project Management, Software, Accounting, Business Development, Financial Services, Legal, Marketing, Business Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, Innovation Management, and multiple others. They are ready to lead and evolve with the changing market dynamics, adapting and deploying new technologies as necessary.

Hamster Garage

Based in Chicago, Hamster Garage is a unique partnerships and affiliate management agency servicing global brands. Founded by Faique Moqeet and Imran Shamim, this startup operates in the Advertising, Management Consulting, and Marketing industry. Visit their website for more information.

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Armitage Advisors

Armitage Advisors is a management consulting firm that provides strategic advisory and execution support to companies in the healthcare sector. They specialize in providing high-level advice and consulting solutions. Learn more here.

Doctums Global

Doctums Global, founded by Wesley Matthews, is a company that provides educational administration, management and advisory services leveraging technology to institutions and vendors. Check out their site here.

Oya Solutions

As a leader in the consulting industry, Oya Solutions provides contract lifecycle management solutions. Learn more about their services, here.


ProdRocket, led by David Britton, is a startup studio that validates, launches, and scales delightful products. They operate in the app marketing, internet, management consulting, mobile apps, product design, software, and web development industries. For more information, visit their website here.

Fred Lundin CPA LLC

Fred Lundin CPA LLC is a virtually based CPA Accounting & Technology Consulting Firm. Founded by Fred Lundin, this startup operates in the accounting, consulting, management consulting, small and medium businesses sector. Visit their website here.

Receptor Brands

Receptor Brands is a creative marketing agency focusing on the cannabis industry. They work in advertising, content marketing, management consulting, and marketing areas. Learn more about this startup here.

Sanguine Strategic Advisors

Sanguine Strategic Advisors brings management consulting to a range of industries such as business development, financial services, legal, and marketing. Discover more about their services on the website.

Krasan Consulting Services

Krasan Consulting Services is a technology management consulting firm and solutions integrator that stands out in the information technology and IT management industry. Check out their services here.

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Advisor Analytics

Unveiling strategic analytics and management consulting approaches in investment firms is Advisor Analytics’ forte. This promising startup was established by Fred Lundin. Click here for more information.

Brentview Investment Management

Brentview Investment Management focuses on dividend growth, equity strategy, mutual funds, and portfolio management services. Explore more here.


HealthEco, founded by Jami Youmans, is a growth innovation and venture organization. They offer their services in the fields of healthcare, innovation management, management consulting, and venture capital. Get to know this unique startup better by visiting their website.

Telesto Strategy

Telesto Strategy is making a difference as a management consulting firm. Operating in the business development and service industry, their insights can be found here.

Strategy X Partners

Strategy X Partners is a consulting firm that delivers analytics and strategy solutions for tackling complex workforce challenges. Dive into their world of innovation and strategy-making here.

Unbiased Consulting

Unbiased Consulting focuses its efforts on helping law firms and law departments improve client service delivery and leverage technology solutions. This startup operates in business development, consulting, and management consulting sector. Find out more about Unbiased Consulting on their website.

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