AdGlance – Revolutionizing Venue-based Advertising

As local businesses struggle to connect with potential customers, traditional advertising methods have become less effective. AdGlance, a Los Angeles-based startup, is changing the game with their innovative venue-based advertising network. This startup showcase will dive into AdGlance’s unique approach to advertising, their cutting-edge technology, and how they are helping local businesses improve their marketing strategies.

The Innovative Approach to Advertising

AdGlance is disrupting the traditional advertising model by bringing ads straight to consumers in the physical spaces they frequent. With the AdGlance Platform, local business partners can make their public-facing TVs or provided floor-standing screens available for displaying ads. This model allows businesses to take advantage of the valuable foot traffic and create an engaging experience for their customers. It also makes it easier for advertisers to reach their target audience in a specific location.

Cutting-Edge Technology

AdGlance’s technology is designed to simplify the advertising process for both businesses and advertisers. Their digital screens are integrated with the network through AdGlance Media Streamer, built with low-cost, modular, and open design hardware. The Media Streamer features a Passive Audience Sensor, a camera that tracks an accurate number of reach and viewer impressions. This sensor data helps AdGlance provide real-time analytics to venue partners, helping them monitor their screens’ performance and passive revenue generation. Advertisers can also track their campaign performance, giving them valuable insights into customer behavior and ad effectiveness.

Supporting Local Businesses

AdGlance is committed to supporting local businesses by helping them improve their marketing strategies. By offering an affordable and effective advertising option, AdGlance is making it easier for small businesses to compete with larger companies. The AdGlance Platform allows businesses to set up advertising campaigns in their local area, scale budgets, launch campaigns without experienced help, and track performance with audience sensors.

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AdGlance is a revolutionary startup that is transforming the way businesses advertise locally. Their innovative approach to venue-based advertising is changing the game for local businesses, taking advantage of valuable foot traffic and creating engaging experiences for customers. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to supporting local businesses, AdGlance is creating a brighter future for the advertising industry.

Link to AdGlance: https://www.adglance.com/

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