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In the age of convenience, buying tickets has been nothing but a hassle for almost everyone – from the fans to the organizers. The ever-growing demand for events and concerts means that ticket scalpers and frauds are working extra hard to make a buck while making the whole process even more complicated. However, Blockseat, a blockchain-based ticketing company, has emerged to make it all easy and secure for everyone involved.


Blockseat is a ticketing SaaS and mobile app designed to make ticket buying, selling, and validating as easy as possible. The company, based in Miami, Florida, is determined to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the ticketing industry. With Blockseat, users can rest assured that every step of the way, from issuance to validation, is not only secure but also transparent.

Security, Convenience, and Transparency

Blockseat’s innovative blockchain-based technology is designed to combat ticket fraud, black markets, and skyrocketing ticket prices in secondary markets. The system digitizes event tickets, giving artists, musicians, and event organizers complete control over the entire ticket lifecycle. For the first time, organizers can control secondary ticketing markets, enabling new revenue streams and creating new economic and social value.

Accessible Ticketing for All

Blockseat’s aim is to provide a mass adoption solution to ticketing, making it easy and accessible to everyone. The company values are focused on providing a solution that is both easy to use and affordable for everyone. The company’s mission is to ensure that its solution will be accessible to artists, promoters, and fans alike, aspiring to empower them with the necessary tools to curb ticket fraud and black markets, thus making event ticketing safer and more affordable.

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Revolutionizing the Ticketing Industry

In the past, the ticketing industry has been fraught with problems and complexities, ranging from security issues to unscrupulous scalpers. The Blockseat solution seeks to revolutionize event ticketing with cutting-edge blockchain technology that offers a secure, easy-to-use, and transparent ticketing system. With Blockseat, digitalized tickets and smart contracts mean no more costly and time-consuming processes, fake tickets, or intermediaries. It promises a new level of trust, control, and guaranteed access to events.


Blockseat’s innovative approach to ticketing is poised to revolutionize the industry, making it more transparent, more secure, and more accessible to everyone. With its focus on blockchain technology, the company aims to provide an easy-to-use ticketing system that will make event ticketing safer, more affordable, and more convenient. Blockseat is the future of ticketing, and with its mass adoption solution, it plans to change the way we experience events and concerts forever. So, the next time you plan on attending an event, you know where to turn to for a hassle-free, secure, and affordable ticketing experience.

Website: https://blockseat.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Block_seat
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blockseats/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/blockseat

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Read more from US Venture News  Meet the 15 Life Science Startups That Are Changing the Game in San Francisco!
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