Brooklyn’s Financial Renaissance – Exploring Cutting-Edge Startups

Brooklyn, New York, has become a hub for innovation, and its financial services startups are at the forefront of transforming the industry. In this article, we take a deep dive into the dynamic ecosystem of financial technology in Brooklyn, showcasing 15 startups that are reshaping how we approach commercial lending, wealth management, investment advisory, and more. From fintech platforms for employee ownership to market-making software in decentralized finance, these startups are paving the way for a new era of financial services.


Empowering Employee Ownership through Fintech. Teamshares is a fintech platform that enables employee ownership, revolutionizing the way companies distribute equity. With its innovative solutions, Teamshares empowers employees to have a stake in the success of their organizations.

Lorimer Ventures

Backing Exceptional B2B Companies. Lorimer Ventures invests in bold entrepreneurs building exceptional B2B companies. By providing strategic funding and support, Lorimer Ventures fuels the growth and success of innovative ventures in various industries.

Left Lane Capital

Driving Growth in Internet and Consumer Technology Businesses. Left Lane Capital is a venture capital and early-growth equity firm focused on high-growth internet and consumer technology businesses. By providing capital and strategic guidance, Left Lane Capital accelerates the growth of innovative startups.

BZH Capital

Creating Alternative Investments and Capital Markets. BZH Capital specializes in creating alternative investments and capital markets for professionals and institutional investors. With a focus on financial innovation, BZH Capital opens new avenues for investment and growth.

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Owl Advance

Empowering Businesses with Financial Solutions. Owl Advance offers commercial lending, credit, debt collection, and microloans to businesses. By providing accessible financial solutions, Owl Advance supports entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.

Third Eye Advisors

Expertise in Investment and Financial Planning. Third Eye Advisors offers investment advice, credit management, wealth management, and financial planning services. With their expertise, they help individuals and organizations make informed financial decisions.


Rendering Wealth Management and Investment Advisory. Equinum specializes in providing wealth management and investment advisory services to individuals, families, and organized groups. With a client-centric approach, Equinum helps clients navigate the complexities of wealth management.


Covering Healthcare Bills with Ease. Walnut is a lending platform that focuses on covering healthcare bills with no fees. By addressing the financial challenges of healthcare expenses, Walnut eases the burden on individuals and families.


Unlocking Homeowner Engagement in Mortgage Servicing. Haven is a technology and marketplace platform that unlocks homeowner engagement for mortgage servicers. By streamlining processes and enhancing communication, Haven revolutionizes the mortgage servicing experience.

Redbeard Ventures

Building and Advising Web 3.0 and Crypto Startups. Redbeard Ventures builds, invests in, and advises startups in the web 3.0 and crypto space. With a focus on financial innovation, Redbeard Ventures drives the evolution of decentralized finance.


Transforming Complex Financial and Real Estate Data. Chimney is a financial platform that digitally transforms complex financial, credit, and real estate data. By leveraging technology, Chimney simplifies financial processes and enhances productivity.

Better Financial Corporation

Fintech Brands on a Shared Stack. Better Financial Corporation is a family of fintech brands built on a shared stack. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Better Financial Corporation aims to redefine the fintech landscape.

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Refinancing Solutions and Investment Plans. GoRascal is a financial services company that offers refinancing solutions and investment plans. By providing tailored financial products, GoRascal helps individuals and businesses achieve their financial objectives.

Brooklyn Capital Investment Management for

Emergent Dominant Businesses. Brooklyn Capital is an investment management company specializing in investments in emergent dominant businesses. With their deep industry knowledge, Brooklyn Capital identifies promising investment opportunities.

ZBL Capital

Venture Capital in Decentralized Finance. ZBL Capital is a venture capital firm focusing on market-making software and arbitrage processes in decentralized finance. By investing in cryptocurrency and financial software, ZBL Capital drives innovation in the digital asset space.

Brooklyn’s financial services startups are reshaping the industry by leveraging technology, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. These startups are at the forefront of financial technology, driving progress and creating new opportunities in the heart of New York.

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