CEOAthletics – Giving Power to College Athletes


As the world evolves, so too does the world of sports. With the monumental decision from the NCAA allowing college athletes to monetize their name and likeness, CEOAthletics has emerged as a cutting-edge solution, giving players the power and control over their brand. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at how CEOAthletics is taking the sports world by storm.

Empowering College Athletes

With CEOAthletics, college athletes can now easily set up their own digital merchandise store, without the need for a big agent or any long term contracts. With just a few clicks, players can create and customize their own merchandise, from anything like t-shirts, mugs, to phone cases. This puts the power back in the hand of players, giving them full control over the branding of their career, and providing new earning opportunities to supplement their income.

Instant Store Setup

CEOAthletics prides itself on how easy it is to set up a store. Whether the player is active or not, they can turn the store on and off at any time without any long-term commitment. All they need to do is answer a few simple questions, and the store will be up and running. Simply put, CEOAthletics is the hassle-free way for athletes to monetize their brand.

Building Fan Experiences

CEOAthletics does more than just help college athletes monetize their brand; it also provides unique experiences for fans. With CEOAthletics, fans can purchase various items like an autographed picture of their favorite player or a video message from the player. But it doesn’t stop there; the company also plans to release NFT drops that correlate with tangible items of value, such as a video game session with a player. CEOAthletics is focused on helping fans build experiences with players, something that is more important than ever in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Changing the Face of College Sports

With its origins in Berkeley, California, CEOAthletics is poised to change the face of college sports. They have so far launched their platform, and the response from college athletes and sports fans has been incredible. The company is a game-changer in the space; CEOs are innovative, and they’re transforming the way college athletes and fans engage and interact, providing an entirely new way of thinking about the sports industry.

In conclusion, CEOAthletics is doing something truly magnificent for both college athletes and fans. They have been successful in providing a seamless and hassle-free platform that enables athletes to monetize their brand by setting up their own digital merchandise store. The company has also come up with a unique approach that focuses on creating fan experiences with college players, something that is sure to create immense excitement. As college sports continue to evolve and grow in popularity, CEOAthletics will be at the forefront of this journey.



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