Collective Liquidity – The Future of Private Market Investing


Collective Liquidity, the innovative wealth technology platform for the private market. With the growing number of “unicorns” – private growth companies valued over $1BN – there is an unprecedented market demand for quality tools for unicorn shareholders and investors to manage their wealth. Collective Liquidity aims to bridge that gap, providing transparent and liquid access to the private growth asset class services, generating better financial outcomes for its clients.

Solving the Liquidity Problem in Private Markets

The private growth asset class has long been known for its lack of transparency, limited liquidity, and high entry barriers. Unicorn employees, issuers, and investors face various barriers to manage their investments effectively. Collective Liquidity aims to solve this problem by offering a unique technology platform that provides liquidity options that enable tax deferred diversification, making private market investments more attractive. It offers secondary solutions, managed portfolios, and access to new primary offerings, all while giving transparency to the market.

Management Team with Exceptional Market Experience

Collective Liquidity is led by a team of market experts with a wealth of experience in the private market sector. The management team comprises founders or board members of leading private market platforms such as SharesPost & SharesPost 100 Fund, Forge Global, and Nasdaq Private Market. Their combined experience puts the company at a strategic advantage, as they’re now using that expertise to deliver dramatically better liquidity and risk management to unicorn employees, issuers and investors.

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Revolutionizing Private Market Investing for the Better

Collective Liquidity is revolutionizing the private market investing sector for the better with its innovative wealth technology platform. It gives investors liquidity options for their private equity holdings and solves the problem of lack of transparency and liquidity in the market. Its unique tax-deferred diversification options make it simple to navigate the pitfalls of private market investing, generating better financial outcomes for its clients.


Collective Liquidity is set to change the landscape of private market investing as we know it. Its unique wealth technology platform is designed to provide unmatched liquidity and transparency in the private market space, offering unicorn employees, issuers, and investors better financial outcomes by solving the liquidity problem in the sector. Its management team has an exceptional track record in the market, and the company’s impressive growth trajectory reflects the team and its highly sought-after products. For more information or to become a client of Collective Liquidity, visit their website or follow them on their social media channels.


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