DCube Data Sciences – The Most Automated Services Company in Compliance Analytics, eDiscovery, Cyber Notification and Information Governance

Reimagining the Way Services are Delivered

DCube Data Sciences is reimagining the way services are delivered in the Compliance Analytics, eDiscovery, Cyber Notification and Information Governance industries. This Irvine, California-based startup leverages cutting-edge automation technology to deliver better quality services, minimize human error, reduce risks, and ensure shorter timeframes, all at the most competitive prices.

DCube Data Sciences was founded on the belief that data-driven automation can play a game-changing role in the way organizations manage their legal and compliance obligations. By combining analytics, data science, and automation, the startup has transformed the way compliance, eDiscovery, and cybersecurity services are delivered.

Compliance Analytics – Making Compliance Easier and More Effortless

DCube Data Sciences has developed an innovative analytics platform that can analyze and classify unstructured data from disparate sources such as chat logs, email, social media, and file shares. By automating the classification of data, the platform helps organizations meet their compliance obligations more easily and effortlessly.

With DCube Data Sciences’ Compliance Analytics, organizations can quickly and accurately identify sensitive information, including personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), financial information (PFI), educational information (FERPA), and non-public information (NPII).

eDiscovery – Finding the Needle in the Haystack

DCube Data Sciences’ eDiscovery solution helps organizations manage the overwhelming volume of data produced in the discovery process. The solution is based on machine learning algorithms that automatically categorize and prioritize documents based on their relevance to the case.

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The eDiscovery platform allows users to search, review, and analyze electronic documents in real-time, greatly reducing the time and cost associated with eDiscovery.

Cyber Notification – Rapid Detection and Response

DCube Data Sciences’ Cyber Notification solution enables organizations to rapidly detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents. The solution is based on an automated, algorithmic approach to identifying compromised data, enabling organizations to quickly notify individuals of security breaches.

With DCube Data Sciences’ Cyber Notification solution, organizations can identify all stolen PII, PHI, PFI, FERPA, and NPII data, create notification lists, and comply with state, local, federal, and commercial contractual reporting obligations within required timeframes.

Conclusion – A Game-Changing Startup in the Automation Space

In conclusion, DCube Data Sciences is a game-changing startup in the automation space. By leveraging automation technology, the startup has reimagined the way services are delivered in the Compliance Analytics, eDiscovery, Cyber Notification, and Information Governance industries.

For organizations looking to improve their compliance, eDiscovery, or cybersecurity practices, DCube Data Sciences offers a simple, seamless, and cost-effective solution. With its innovative automation and data science technologies, DCube Data Sciences is poised to become a leader in the legal services industry.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dcube-Data-108178651727513

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dcube-data-sciences/about/.

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