Startup Showcase: 15 Delivery Startups Revolutionizing San Francisco: From Sustainability to Chronic Disease Management

Discover the most innovative and disruptive delivery startups in San Francisco, California, and how they are changing the game in the food and beverage industry.

San Francisco is not only the home of the Golden Gate Bridge, it is also a hotbed of innovation in the world of delivery startups. From climate tech to chronic disease management, here are some of the most interesting delivery startups based in San Francisco.

Dispatch Goods: Redefining Waste Through Reuse

Dispatch Goods is a climate tech company that is disrupting waste through an end-to-end platform for reuse. The startup offers reusable containers for food and beverages that can be dropped off and picked up at participating businesses. Dispatch Goods aims to reduce single-use waste and has partnered with several restaurants and cafes in San Francisco.

Gather Wholesale: Simplifying Foodservice Order Management

Gather Wholesale operates an end-to-end order management platform for the foodservice industry. The startup helps streamline the ordering process for restaurants, cafes, and other food businesses, and also offers a wide range of high-quality products. Gather Wholesale’s mission is to simplify the food supply chain and create a more efficient and sustainable system.

The BuildClub: Delivering Building Materials on Demand

The BuildClub is a mobile app that delivers building materials in about an hour. The startup offers a wide range of products, including lumber, drywall, and insulation, and aims to make the building process more efficient and convenient. The BuildClub also offers on-demand delivery, allowing builders and contractors to get the supplies they need quickly and easily.

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Fijo Technologies: Next-Generation Rideshare and Delivery Platform

Fijo Technologies is an emerging technology startup that provides the next generation of rideshare and local delivery apps and platforms. The startup aims to create a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both drivers and riders, and has partnered with several businesses in San Francisco. Fijo Technologies also offers real-time tracking, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer service.

Digi-Prex: Holistic Chronic Disease Management

Digi-Prex is a holistic platform for chronic disease management. The startup offers a wide range of services, including prescription delivery, personalized coaching, and medication reminders. Digi-Prex aims to simplify the healthcare system and provide more accessible and affordable care for those with chronic diseases.

Foodonate: Ending Hunger in San Francisco

Foodonate is a nonprofit tech organization that wants to end hunger in San Francisco with good quality food. The startup partners with local restaurants and grocers to collect excess food and distribute it to those in need. Foodonate also offers a mobile app that allows users to find nearby donation centers and track their impact.

MightyFly: Remaking the Future of Logistics

MightyFly is a startup that is remaking the future of logistics. The startup offers a range of services, including drone delivery, robotics, and aerospace technology. MightyFly aims to create a more efficient and sustainable logistics system, and has already partnered with several businesses in San Francisco.

1PastaNow: Innovative QSR Born in Silicon Valley

1PastaNow is an innovative quick-service restaurant (QSR) that was born in Silicon Valley. It offers fast and fresh pasta dishes to customers who are always on the go. The company was founded by Fabio Ficano, Michael Scheuer, and Rebecca Messina, and its mission is to make it easy for people to enjoy high-quality pasta without having to sacrifice their busy lifestyles.

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Sealed: Perishable Home Delivery Service

Sealed is a B2B food delivery and logistics company that specializes in perishable home delivery services. It focuses on meal kits and food e-commerce, delivering fresh food directly to customers’ doorsteps. The company was founded by Jonathan Gary and Matthew Deyo, who saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between suppliers and consumers in the food delivery space.

Yummy: Last-Mile and Ridesharing App in LATAM

Yummy is a last-mile and ridesharing app that operates in Latin America. The app offers delivery services for food, groceries, and other goods. It was founded by Vicente Zavarce and his team, who saw an opportunity to make it easier for people in Latin America to get the products they need without having to leave their homes.

Locale: Discover the Best Local Food from Across California

Locale is an e-commerce and food delivery startup that brings the best local food from across California to customers’ doorsteps. The company was founded by Christopher Clark and Jonathan Friedland, who are passionate about supporting local businesses and promoting sustainable food systems. Locale offers a unique and personalized experience that allows customers to discover new and exciting local food options.

Club Feast: Pre-Scheduled Food Delivery

Club Feast is a restaurant delivery application that provides pre-scheduled food delivery. The app allows customers to choose from a variety of restaurants and meal options, and the company delivers the food directly to their doorsteps. Club Feast was founded by Atallah Atallah, Christopher Miao, and Ghazi Atallah, who saw an opportunity to make food delivery more convenient and accessible.

Forward: Off-Premise Operating System for Restaurants

Forward is an off-premise operating system for restaurants. The company provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services that help restaurants manage their delivery operations. Forward was founded by Raghav Poddar and his team, who saw an opportunity to help restaurants adapt to the changing landscape of the food industry.

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Nash: Delivery Orchestration Platform

Nash is a delivery orchestration platform that enables businesses to organize and manage their delivery operations. The platform provides real-time tracking and analytics, which helps businesses optimize their delivery operations and improve their customer experience. Nash was founded by Aziz Alghunaim and Mahmoud Ghulman, who saw an opportunity to simplify and streamline the delivery process for businesses.

Burq: Making Delivery Easy for Businesses

Burq is a delivery and software startup that makes it easy for businesses to offer delivery services. The company provides a suite of tools and services that help businesses manage their delivery operations, from tracking orders to managing drivers. Burq was founded by Salman Habib and Shaban Habib, who saw an opportunity to help businesses expand their reach and improve their customer experience.


From sustainability to chronic disease management, these delivery startups in San Francisco are revolutionizing their industries and creating a more efficient and user-friendly experience for their customers. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a builder, or someone in need of healthcare services, these startups have something to offer. Keep an eye on these innovative companies as they continue to make their mark in the world of delivery.

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