From Ride-Sharing to Social Commerce: San Francisco’s Top 15 Platforms Startups Shaking Things Up

Discover the Next Generation of Business Solutions, E-commerce Platforms, and More

San Francisco is home to some of the most exciting platforms startups in the world. From e-commerce solutions to social media tools, these startups are revolutionizing the way businesses operate and people connect. In this article, we’ll explore 15 innovative platforms startups that you need to know about.

Primer: B2B Marketing Solutions

Primer is a B2B marketing company that offers marketing solutions for businesses. The startup’s cutting-edge software helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies and drive growth.

ShopBase: All-in-One Print-on-Demand Solutions

ShopBase provides all-in-one print-on-demand solutions for businesses. With a focus on innovation and quality, ShopBase helps businesses create and sell custom products seamlessly.

BambuSix: Revenue Optimization and Conversion-Centered Design Services

BambuSix provides revenue optimization, customer research, and conversion-centered design services for businesses. The startup’s data-driven approach helps businesses make informed decisions and drive growth.

ZIRO: Socially Responsible Ride-Sharing Service

ZIRO is a socially responsible ride-sharing service that treats drivers fairly and charges riders less. With a focus on sustainability and community, ZIRO is changing the way we think about ride-sharing.

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Zoë: Simplified E-commerce Solutions

Zoë is an e-commerce platform that simplifies the online shopping experience. The startup’s user-friendly platform helps businesses create and sell products seamlessly.

Jackie AI: Simplified Lead Generation for SMBs

Jackie AI is an online platform that simplifies lead generation for SMBs. The startup’s AI-powered software helps businesses connect with their target audience and drive growth.

Stayflexi: Operating System for Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Stayflexi provides an operating system for hotels and vacation rentals. The startup’s comprehensive solution helps businesses manage bookings, payments, and more seamlessly.

Jemi: Website and Store Builder for Content Creators

Jemi helps content creators build beautiful websites and stores. With a focus on user experience and innovation, Jemi is the go-to platform for content creators looking to expand their online presence.

Awtomatic: Subscription Tools for Brands on Shopify

Awtomatic provides powerful subscription tools for brands selling on Shopify. The startup’s software helps businesses create and manage subscription services seamlessly.

Kooberi: Money-Saving E-commerce Platform

Kooberi is an e-commerce platform that helps consumers save money. With a focus on transparency and community, Kooberi is changing the way we shop online.

PulpoAR: Augmented Reality Commerce Platforms for Retail

PulpoAR is developing integrated augmented shopping technology and AR commerce platforms for retail. The startup’s cutting-edge technology helps businesses create immersive shopping experiences.

BrandedPlacement: Simplified Product Placement Advertising

BrandedPlacement simplifies product placement advertising in films and streaming video content. With a focus on innovation and quality, BrandedPlacement helps businesses connect with their target audience seamlessly.

Treet: Responsible E-commerce Solutions Through Resale

Treet helps modern brands grow responsibly through resale. The startup’s sustainable approach to e-commerce is changing the way we think about fashion and retail.

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Supermall: Social Commerce App

Supermall is a social commerce app that connects consumers with brands. The startup’s user-friendly platform helps businesses expand their reach and connect with their target audience.

Ench: White-Labeled Social Media Tool for Authors

Ench is a white-labeled tool that allows authors to create their own social media sites and earn money directly from their followers. With a focus on innovation and user experience, Ench is changing the way we think about social media.


These 15 platforms startups in San Francisco are reshaping the business landscape with their innovative solutions. From simplifying e-commerce to creating sustainable transportation options, these startups are making a real impact.

Whether you’re a business owner or a consumer, these platforms startups offer something for everyone. So, be sure to check out their websites to learn more about their products and services.

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