Level Up Your Gaming Experience: 15 Exciting Gaming Startups in San Francisco

Discover the Innovative Gaming Startups Making Waves in San Francisco's Competitive Gaming Scene

San Francisco is home to a thriving gaming industry that’s always pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. These 15 gaming startups are leading the charge with cutting-edge technologies, unique business models, and a deep commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Laguna Games: Blockchain Gaming for the Future

Laguna Games is a research and game development studio that specializes in blockchain technology. This startup is dedicated to exploring the full potential of blockchain gaming, creating new and innovative games that offer unprecedented levels of interactivity and player engagement.

Double Loop Games: Relaxing Mobile Games for Everyone

Double Loop Games is a mobile studio dedicated to making delightful, relaxing experiences for the biggest audience in games. This startup believes that gaming should be accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level or gaming experience, and they’re working hard to create games that are easy to play, yet engaging and rewarding.

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Rune: Revolutionizing Voice Chat in Mobile Gaming

Rune is a voice chat and automated friend or squad finder for players on mobile games. This startup aims to make mobile gaming more social and engaging by providing a unique and intuitive voice chat system that allows players to connect and communicate like never before.

YUR: Making Fitness a Game with Virtual Reality

YUR is a fitness and health platform designed to make fitness a game using virtual reality. This startup is using the latest VR technology to create immersive and engaging fitness experiences that encourage users to exercise and stay healthy.

FunCraft: Creating Mobile Games that are Daily Rituals

FunCraft is a startup that’s dedicated to making mobile games that are daily rituals in our players’ lives. Their games are designed to be fun, engaging, and rewarding, providing players with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction every time they play.

Proteus Games: Mobile Development for the Modern Gamer

Proteus Games is a mobile development company that works with mobile game publishers. This startup provides comprehensive development services, from concept to launch, helping publishers bring their games to market quickly and efficiently.

Adventure Lab: Social Adventure Platform with Real Live Hosts

Adventure Lab is a developer of a social adventure platform with real live hosts that guests can experience from anywhere. This startup is using the latest in virtual reality technology to create immersive and engaging experiences that transport players to new and exciting worlds.

Level Up, Inc.: Gamified Social Prosperity Platform

Level Up, Inc. is a startup that’s using gamification to create a social prosperity platform. This innovative platform encourages users to complete social good tasks and challenges, earning rewards and recognition for their efforts.

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Sagacore: Gamified Lifestyle Social Platform

Sagacore is a startup that’s creating a gamified lifestyle social platform. This platform offers a unique and engaging way to connect with others, providing users with a variety of social and lifestyle features that are designed to be fun and rewarding.

Gravity Gaming: Mobile Hardware & Software Integrated Ecosystem

Gravity Gaming is a startup that’s focused on enhancing the next generation of gaming. They’re creating a mobile hardware and software integrated ecosystem that’s designed to make mobile gaming more immersive, engaging, and rewarding.

Graviti Studios: Game Development and Consulting Firm

Graviti Studios is a game development and consulting firm that focuses on giving expert services throughout the lifespan of a product. This startup is dedicated to helping other gaming companies achieve success, providing them with the tools and expertise they need to create exceptional games.

Ready, Set, Block: Creating Minecraft Marketplace Content

Ready, Set, Block is a games studio that creates and develops content for the Minecraft marketplace. This startup is dedicated to creating high-quality and engaging content that enhances the Minecraft gaming experience.

Puma Browser: Mobile Browser and Wallet for Web3 Ecosystem

Puma Browser is a startup that’s using the latest blockchain technology to create a mobile browser and wallet for the Web3 ecosystem. This innovative browser is designed to be private by design, providing users with a secure and anonymous browsing experience that’s fully integrated with blockchain technology.

Forte: Economic Technology for Gaming

Forte is a startup that’s using economic technology to power NFTs and rich token economies in gaming. This innovative technology is designed to help game developers create engaging, rewarding in-game economies that incentivize players and enhance the gaming experience.

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Company 12: Fintech Gaming Solutions

Company 12 is a startup that’s dedicated to creating fintech gaming solutions. This innovative company is using the latest in blockchain and fintech technology to create gaming experiences that are engaging, rewarding, and financially empowering.


These 15 gaming startups are just a few of the many innovative companies that are driving the gaming industry forward in San Francisco. Check out the article now to learn more about how these startups are changing the game and paving the way for the future of gaming.

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