Myria Industries – The Private Marketplace for Luxury Services for the Ultra Rich

In a world where the ultra-rich lead a lifestyle most of us only dream of, they too have a problem of finding the best products, services, and experiences in the market. With millions to spend, they deserve nothing but the best, but a lot of it is usually available off-market. Enter Myria, a private marketplace and community that offers exclusive services and experiences to family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Myria’s aim is to bridge the gap between off-market sellers who provide unparalleled luxury experiences and buyers who are seeking the best of everything. It’s the ultimate platform for people who have already achieved major success in their lives, and now wish to enjoy their wealth with access to ultra-exclusive services otherwise unavailable anywhere else.

Community and Membership

Myria is a fully-vetted community, comprising of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, high-profile personalities, influencers, celebrities, and more. The platform is accessible only via personal referrals, reviewed business documents or exclusive invitation.

Residents of Myria are given access to a range of services such as curated luxury travel, entertainment experiences, private clubs, networking opportunities, and bespoke goods – from diamonds and watches to yachts, jets and more. Memberships for Myria’s exclusive services differ based on the kind of experiences and services an individual desires.

Exclusive Access

When you’re a member of Myria, you can expect nothing but pure luxury. Myria offers exclusive access to some of the rarest and most unique experiences that most people wouldn’t typically have access to. From private jet and yacht rentals to access to the most exclusive events in the world, such as the Academy Awards, Myria has it all.

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Myria is all about exclusive access, and that wouldn’t be possible without partnerships with the best in the business. Myria’s network unravels a world-class ecosystem of premium and exclusive service providers across various sectors. They work with partners in luxury travel, events, corporate gifting, private members clubs, and much more, to create truly immersive and unforgettable experiences for their members.


In a world where everything is available on just a few clicks, Myria stands out by providing exclusive access to services and experiences that aren’t available online. It’s a private community where off-market sellers and the wealthiest individuals meet to fulfill their desires. Myria’s membership is limited and invite-only, which further adds to its exclusivity.

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