Navigating the Culinary Odyssey – 15 Delivery Startups Serving Up Innovation in New York City


Discover the diverse and delectable world of delivery startups reshaping the way New Yorkers dine and experience convenience. New York City, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, has become a hotbed for delivery startups that cater to the bustling urban lifestyle. From mouthwatering food delivery to reimagined post-purchase experiences, these ventures are revolutionizing the way New Yorkers savor flavors and access services. Embark on a culinary odyssey as we delve into the fascinating world of delivery startups that are satisfying appetites and transforming the delivery landscape.


WoodSpoon offers a delightful twist on food delivery, providing on-demand, crafted foods made by talented home chefs. With a passion for authentic flavors, WoodSpoon connects food lovers with the gastronomic delights prepared by home-based culinary artists.


mealco is a food-tech platform that brings to life delivery-native food brands. By harnessing culinary innovation and cutting-edge technology, mealco elevates the dining experience for food enthusiasts across the city.

Mebet Cute

Meet Cute, the podcast company, specializes in crafting romantic comedies to entertain and uplift its audience. In the digital age of content delivery, Meet Cute captivates listeners with heartwarming narratives.


Zevv is a mobile app revolutionizing food access by empowering food brands and entrepreneurs to create inclusive dining experiences for all. With a mission to improve food accessibility, Zevv is a game-changer in the food delivery industry.

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The Pizza Cupcake

The Pizza Cupcake is redefining the pizza experience with its delightful cupcake-sized round pizzas, packed with mouthwatering Italian ingredients. This innovative twist on a classic favorite offers a unique and scrumptious dining option.


Goblin is a content delivery network that helps site owners stream and monetize premium content to their users. With its seamless streaming services, Goblin enhances user experiences and supports content creators.

Schuss Apparel

Schuss Apparel specializes in delivering high-quality winterwear to keep New Yorkers cozy during the chilly months.

Daily Food Box

Daily Food Box aims to revolutionize the food retail system by advocating for a just and sustainable approach for all. Through its innovative delivery model, Daily Food Box makes healthy and nutritious choices accessible to everyone.

Bond – The Post Purchase Company

Bond enables digital native brands to create exceptional post-purchase experiences that boost sales, customer retention, and satisfaction. With a focus on personalized service, Bond creates lasting connections with customers.


FULFLLD is on a mission to bring back top-notch customer service in last-mile delivery. As a tech-enabled delivery service, FULFLLD ensures timely and efficient delivery experiences for customers.

Ktchn Apothecary

Ktchn Apothecary crafts hand-made, freshly-made skincare products that yield beautiful results. Through its delivery service, Ktchn Apothecary brings the charm of artisanal skincare right to the customer’s doorstep.

HaulerHub Inc

HaulerHub is a smart logistics platform that directly connects shippers and carriers, disrupting the traditional broker model for freight booking. This innovative approach streamlines the delivery process and optimizes efficiency.


REPEATS reimagines food delivery, providing New Yorkers with an innovative and seamless experience to satisfy their culinary cravings.

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Umamicart caters to Asian food lovers, offering an online grocery store that delivers an array of Asian products and groceries. With a focus on diverse flavors, Umamicart enhances the culinary experiences of New Yorkers.

Georgie & Tom’s

Georgie & Tom’s prepares the highest quality fully prepared meals, delivering them directly to consumers. With a focus on excellence, Georgie & Tom’s brings gourmet dining to the comfort of homes.


These fascinating delivery startups in New York City exemplify the city’s spirit of innovation and culinary diversity. As they continue to flourish and transform the delivery landscape, they leave a lasting mark on the city’s vibrant dining scene. With convenience and creativity at their core, these ventures are rewriting the rules of delivery, making every dining experience an adventure.

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