nFinance – Providing Financial Inclusivity for eCommerce Sellers Seeking Better Cash Flow for Faster Growth


If you are an eCommerce seller, you know the pain of waiting for your payment to arrive. It’s a tedious process that can take up to 90 days, leaving you without cash flow to fuel your business growth. But nFinance, a fintech startup based in Hayward, California, is here to change the game. With their innovative web app, nFinance is providing financial inclusivity to eCommerce sellers by providing daily payouts for their sales.

A Solution for eCommerce Sellers Seeking Better Cash Flow

nFinance understands the importance of cash flow for eCommerce sellers. It’s the fuel that keeps their business running and allows them to invest in growth opportunities. However, the traditional payment model of eCommerce marketplaces can hinder their cash flow by making them wait for weeks or even months for their payment. That’s where nFinance comes in with their unique approach.

With nFinance, eCommerce sellers can get paid the next day after a sale is made, providing them with the cash flow they need for faster growth. By connecting to their marketplace accounts, nFinance studies the seller’s history and pays a daily payout up to 70% minus the nFinance fee from the invoice value the next day to the seller. Once the marketplace releases the full amount, nFinance pays the balance 30% to the seller.

A Recurring Revenue Model for Financial Inclusivity

nFinance has built a web app based on a monthly recurring revenue model. This model allows them to provide daily payouts to eCommerce sellers without charging any interest rates, credit checks, or collateral. They only charge a small fee that is deducted from the payment, ensuring that their services are accessible to all types of eCommerce sellers.The monthly recurring revenue model also ensures that nFinance has a steady stream of income, making it a sustainable business model that can support the growth of the company.

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Investment Opportunities with nFinance

nFinance is currently raising up to $1 million in funding to expand their services and fulfill their mission of providing financial inclusivity to eCommerce sellers. They are looking for investors who share their vision and believe in the potential of eCommerce as a rapidly growing industry.

If you are interested in investing in nFinance, they would be happy to connect with you and explore the opportunities. With a solid business model in place, a growing customer base, and a mission-driven approach, nFinance is poised for success in the fintech industry.


nFinance is a startup with a vision – to provide financial inclusivity to eCommerce sellers seeking better cash flow for faster growth. Their web app is a unique solution that addresses the pain points of eCommerce sellers and provides them with daily payouts for their sales. With a recurring revenue model and a mission-driven approach, nFinance is making waves in the fintech industry and is definitely one to watch.




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