NFTMe – Revolutionizing Social Media with Non-Fungible Artwork

The Future of Influencer Avatar Creation

Welcome to the Startup Showcase, where we feature the most innovative startups from around the world. In this edition, we focus on NFTMe, a New Jersey-based company that has built a platform for creating NFTs that are both beautiful and of the highest quality.

NFTMe’s mission is to empower individuals and influencers to express themselves through unique and beautiful artwork that is non-fungible. By creating NFTs, the company aims to revolutionize the way we look at social media and provide a space where individuals can own and control their creative content.

Art First Focused Company

At the heart of NFTMe’s philosophy is a belief in art. The company’s founders believe that each “moment” an influencer creates should be of artwork quality, as a way to showcase their true selves. To that end, NFTMe has developed a platform that enables influencers to NFT themselves in a high-quality 360 4K HD resolution avatar. This technology provides a level of detail and realism that has never been seen before.

Composable NFTs

The NFTs created by NFTMe are composable, which means that they can be modified by other creators in the community. This aspect of the platform enables a vibrant creator community and provides opportunities for creators to remix each other’s work. Additionally, each newly-composed NFT provides creators with the ability to re-mint the underlying smart contract, allowing them to earn revenue from creator resale commissions.

Play to Earn Game

Based on feedback from the NFTMe community, the company is building a play-to-earn game that uses customized NFTs. This game will provide creators with additional opportunities to earn revenue and incentivize engagement with the NFTMe platform.

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Metaverse Bridges

The NFTs created by NFTMe are not just an innovative approach to avatar creation. In addition to creating high-quality artwork, the company is also building Metaverse bridges that will enable interoperability between avatars. These bridges will provide influencers and creators with unique opportunities to expand their audiences and explore new creative spaces.

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