NovaXS Biotech Revolutionizing Drug Delivery for Users’ Long-Term Health

If needles give you the shivers and managing chronic medication regimes is a hassle, you’re not alone. NovaXS Biotech, a medical device startup based in Berkeley, California, is here to transform the way we think about drug delivery and long-term health management. NovaXS Biotech’s advanced drug delivery solution, Telosis, is user-friendly, stress-free, and revolutionary.

A Patient-Centric Closed-Loop Drug Delivery Bio Pharma Solution

NovaXS Biotech’s innovative medical device, Telosis, is designed to help patients deliver medications subcutaneously or intramuscularly without needles. Telosis works by utilizing micro-needles to penetrate the skin painlessly, delivering the drug to the right location in the body while also managing the patient’s chronic condition and medication adherence on the patient engagement app. The Telosis platform helps patients with medication delivery, reduces the burden of remembering to take pills, and also helps physicians track, monitor, and share medication delivery progress and patient feedback.

Reducing COG by 30% and Increasing Revenue through Improved Patient Compliance

NovaXS Biotech isn’t just making life easier for the chronically ill, it’s also helping pharmaceutical partners reduce their cost of goods sold (COG) by 30%, increasing revenue through improved patient compliance. Telosis is expected to bring down the cost of drug delivery, as it is easy to manufacture and cost-effective, thereby leading to a decrease of waste and error, thus reducing COG. Additionally, with features that include tracking medication adherence, side effects and symptoms, together, these measures can keep drug efficacy high and increase patient outcomes.

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A Cloud-Based Platform for Physicians to Collect Patient Information

NovaXS Biotech’s device, Telosis, is more than just a simple solution for medication delivery; it’s a comprehensive patient engagement platform, with an accompanying cloud-based platform that physicians can use to collect patient information such as injection time, frequency, dosage volume and medication temperature. Physicians can rely on the platform data to track the patient’s progress and assess medication efficacy. With all of this data gathered, doctors can make informed decisions about patient care, support more personalized treatment plans, and better connect with patients between visits.

In Conclusion

NovaXS Biotech is taking the stress and hassle out of drug delivery and transforming long-term health outcomes. By utilizing technology in a personalized way, NovaXS Biotech is making it easier for patients to manage their medication regime, with fewer errors and waste, while also addressing the pharmaceutical industry’s pain points, such as COG and revenue growth. NovaXS Biotech is a startup to watch as it seeks to transform drug delivery and reshape the future of healthcare.

Website: https://www.novaxs.co/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nova_xs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NovaXSbiotech/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/novaxs-biotech-corp/

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