Ora Biomedical, Inc. – Pioneering Longevity Biotechnology with WormBot-AI

Looking for cutting-edge innovations in longevity biotechnology? Look no further than Ora Biomedical, Inc. This Seattle-based startup is at the forefront of pharmaceutical research, identifying new interventions to target aging and prolong lifespan. With its WormBot-AI platform, Ora Biomedical has revolutionized small molecule discovery, offering a new approach to drug development in the quest for healthy aging.

Introducing Ora Biomedical

Founded out of the Kaeberlein Lab at the University of Washington, Ora Biomedical is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering new interventions for longevity. The company’s high-throughput small molecule discovery platform is based on the WormBot-AI, a unique combination of robotic technology and artificial intelligence that allows for quick and efficient phenotype-based screening in live animals. This platform enables Ora Biomedical to identify new candidates for pharmaceutical and natural interventions at an unprecedented scale.

The WormBot-AI

At the heart of Ora Biomedical’s small molecule discovery platform is the WormBot-AI. This is a robotic system built to perform phenotype-based screens in live animals, such as C. elegans worms, which are widely used as model organisms in aging research. This system is coupled with AI-powered analytics to identify correlations between phenotype and small molecules. The WormBot-AI is robust, stable, and scalable, and has already been used to identify novel aging targets and interventions.

Innovative Approach to Longevity Interventions

Ora Biomedical’s approach to longevity interventions is unique in that it combines both natural products and pharmaceuticals in small molecule screens. This approach allows the company to identify both conventional and non-conventional compound classes with potential for aging interventions. Ora Biomedical’s WormBot-AI platform is well equipped to handle the massive scale of these screens, enhancing the chances of identifying novel interventions that could ultimately translate into patents and therapeutics.

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Exclusive Commercial Use Rights to the WormBot Platform

Ora Biomedical holds exclusive commercial use rights to the WormBot platform and its AI software. This intellectual property is a significant advantage for the company, enabling it to innovate and refine its small molecule discovery platform without competition. Additionally, this feature puts Ora Biomedical in a unique position to collaborate with other biotech and pharmaceutical companies who require high-throughput drug discovery methods for aging-related research.


Ora Biomedical, with its cutting-edge WormBot-AI platform, is revolutionizing longevity biotechnology drug discovery. Its innovative approach to combining natural products and pharmaceuticals in small molecule screens, combined with its unique approach to using live animals for phenotype-based screens, represents a significant opportunity to identify new interventions for healthy aging.

Website: https://orabiomedical.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OraBiomedical

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/82292893

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