Outpace Bio – Revolutionizing Cell Therapy for Improved Efficacy and Safety


Outpace Bio is a biotechnology company based in Seattle, Washington, creating smart cell therapies aimed at improving efficacy and safety. With a platform that combines custom-designed biological functions with cellular control modalities, Outpace Bio programs the right response at the right time and place, creating tailor-made solutions that help healthcare providers cure a wide range of diseases.

The Revolutionary Cellular Control Modalities

Outpace Bio’s pioneering approach combines safety control circuits and specificity switches in one gene network to create the most efficient and effective smart-cell therapies. The company’s platforms also incorporate tissue-specific gene expression patterns, which allow the therapy to activate only in specific tissues. This approach ensures the engineered cells do not cause any adverse effects to the patient, making it a safer approach compared to traditional cell therapies.

Collaboration with Lyell Immunopharma

Lyell Immunopharma, a next-generation cell therapy company, has partnered with Outpace Bio to develop and commercialize a potential immune cell therapy for the treatment of cancer, auto-immune diseases, infectious diseases, degenerative diseases, regenerative medicine, metabolic disorders, and genetic disorders. Through this collaboration, the two companies hope to create a dynamic therapy that can tackle challenging diseases, offer personalized care, and improve patient outcomes.

Outpace Bio’s cutting-edge gene network-based approach, combined with Lyell Immunopharma’s clinical expertise, will help deliver personalized medicine like never before. The collaboration has the potential to not only revolutionize the way we develop cell therapies but also transform the entire healthcare industry.


Outpace Bio is changing the face of cell therapy with its innovative approach that combines safety control circuits and specificity switches with tissue-specific gene expression patterns. By collaborating with a leading cell therapy company like Lyell Immunopharma, Outpace Bio is taking personalized medicine to a whole new level, hoping to create a future where diseases can be cured with ease.

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