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Oversumo Industries – The Ultimate PC Building Resource


In today’s world, technology is everywhere. And as technology advances, so do the demands of tech-savvy consumers. One of the most popular demands of tech enthusiasts is building their own PCs. However, the process of PC-building can be very complex and time-consuming, with limited resources available online. This is where Oversumo Industries enters the picture, a startup publishing company that aims to revolutionize the PC building industry.

The Shutdown of Oversumo App

Oversumo started as an all-in-one Overwatch companion app that helped players monitor their performance and statistics. Unfortunately, due to some unknown breaches in specific policies, the app was shut down on 10/05/2019. Many Overwatch players, including the founders of Oversumo Industries, were disappointed with the loss of such a useful tool. However, this situation led to the emergence of the new Oversumo industries company.

Transitioning to PC-Building Industry

After the shutdown of Oversumo app, one of the founders purchased the “” domain and rebranded it as a PC building blog. They soon realized a general lack of resources on the web about PC building issues, leading them to decide to publish content focused on PC building.

Initially, they were clueless about what to do with the domain. However, with time and research, they realized the growing demand for PC-building resources. They decided to take the leap and transform Oversumo Industries into a definitive online source for PC-building enthusiasts.

The Ultimate PC Building Resource

Oversumo Industries is a publishing company that focuses on publishing helpful content on PC-building issues, such as hardware selection, troubleshooting, and software configuration. They provide the latest information and practical advice, making it easy for anyone to build their own PC. Their valuable information helps tech enthusiasts save both time and money while building their own customized PCs.

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The company’s website is user-friendly, featuring easy navigation, and a wealth of information, all easily accessible with a few clicks. Users can also chat with company representatives to get personalized guidance on specific PC-building concerns.

Social Media Presence

Oversumo Industries is active on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where they regularly post informative content about PC building. Their social media presence attracts online communities of tech-savvy individuals who interact with each other, ask questions, and share their experiences.


Oversumo Industries is the ultimate PC-building resource for tech enthusiasts, providing practical advice and up-to-date information on hardware selection, software configuration, and troubleshooting. Their website is user-friendly, and their social media presence attracts tech-savvy communities, making it easy for anyone to build their own customized PC. With Oversumo Industries, PC-building enthusiasts have found the perfect alternative to Oversumo app.


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