Retail Mavericks of Brooklyn – Unleashing Innovation in the Shopping Experience


Brooklyn, New York, is a haven for retail innovation, with a vibrant ecosystem of startups transforming the shopping experience. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the dynamic world of retail startups in Brooklyn, highlighting 15 remarkable ventures that are reshaping the industry. From data-driven merchandising platforms to unique beverage brands and cutting-edge dental suppliers, these startups are revolutionizing how we shop, transforming traditional retail models, and enhancing customer experiences. Join us as we explore the innovative spirit driving Brooklyn’s retail revolution and meet the visionary founders behind these exciting ventures.


Toolio is a merchandising platform that empowers retailers to make fast, data-driven decisions through automation and actionable insights. By leveraging advanced analytics and automation capabilities, Toolio enables retailers to optimize product assortments, pricing strategies, and inventory management, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

Motto Beverage

Motto Beverage is on a mission to deliver the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea in a bottled beverage. With a focus on craft beer and the food and beverage industry, Motto Beverage offers a refreshing and health-conscious alternative for consumers seeking quality beverages that promote well-being.

CHKP Foods

CHKP Foods offers a wide range of plant-based non-dairy products both in physical stores and through online channels. With a commitment to sustainable and ethical food production, CHKP Foods caters to the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, providing consumers with delicious and nutritious options.

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Modern Mammals

Modern Mammals offers hair washing products that provide complete scalp and hair care. With a focus on natural ingredients and effective formulations, Modern Mammals aims to revolutionize hair care routines, promoting healthier, more vibrant hair for consumers.

I Love Glasses

I Love Glasses is an online destination for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and lens replacements. With a wide selection of fashionable eyewear, I Love Glasses combines convenience with style, making it easy for customers to find their perfect pair of glasses.

Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn

Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn is a retail motor vehicle company that offers commercial, pre-owned, service, and electric vehicles. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn provides customers with a premium automotive experience.


Starcona is a dental product supplier that offers a comprehensive range of dental zirconia, lithium disilicate, carbides, and titanium milling discs. By providing high-quality dental products, Starcona supports dental professionals in delivering exceptional patient care.


FREEDA Health specializes in kosher vitamins and supplements, catering to the needs of both businesses and individual consumers. With a focus on quality and compliance, FREEDA Health ensures that customers have access to premium health products.

robin cafe

robin cafe is a casual luxury cafe serving organic juices, foods, smoothies, and shakes. With a commitment to serving underserved minority communities, robin cafe offers delicious and nutritious options, promoting wellness in a welcoming environment.

Globe Commerce

Globe Commerce offers retail channel management and logistics services to help businesses distribute products across the United States. With expertise in e-commerce and retail technology, Globe Commerce facilitates seamless and efficient product distribution.

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AmbienTech is a lighting control company that provides precise control and flicker performance services. By offering advanced lighting solutions, AmbienTech enhances the visual experience in retail spaces, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for both customers and products.

Atica Man

Atica Man is a fashion designer specializing in men’s shirts. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and timeless design, Atica Man offers unique and stylish shirts that cater to the modern gentleman.


Originscale is a SaaS platform that brings traceability, trust, and integrity to the forefront of the global value chain. By leveraging blockchain and business intelligence technologies, Originscale enables businesses to track and verify the origin, authenticity, and sustainability of their products, fostering transparency and consumer trust.

Sharks Pool Club

Sharks Pool Club uses technology to give communities access to private pool facilities. By providing a platform for individuals to play pool privately, Sharks Pool Club promotes community engagement and fosters social connections.


QuikReturn is a reverse logistics startup serving e-commerce brands and their customers in New York City. With a focus on efficient and customer-friendly returns management, QuikReturn simplifies the returns process, enhancing the overall e-commerce experience.


Brooklyn’s retail startups are at the forefront of transforming the shopping landscape, reimagining traditional models, and enhancing customer experiences. These 15 startups exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation that define the Brooklyn retail scene. As they continue to disrupt the industry and drive positive change, these ventures are positioning Brooklyn as a hub for retail excellence. Keep an eye on these startups as they revolutionize how we shop, combining technology, sustainability, and customer-centric approaches to shape the future of retail.

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