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 Revery Labs

In today’s world, the prioritization of one’s mental and physical wellness is more important than ever. Unfortunately, with the rise of mental illness occurrences, the stigma that surrounds it, and the costly treatments available, many people are left without the means to take care of themselves. That’s where Revery comes in: by reshaping the medium of ‘gaming’ to be geared towards promoting wellness, Revery is revolutionizing the wellness industry.

Using game thinking to revolutionize wellness

Revery’s approach to wellness is unique in that it takes an approach that caters to people who may not have many options. By using game design principles, the team is able to create a fun and interactive experience that is engaging and incentivizes users to take active steps towards their wellness. Rather than a traditional wellness app, Revery is more of a brain-training tool. Games range from identifying and managing emotions to stress-relieving meditation sessions.

Creating affordable access to wellness

One of the biggest obstacles that Revery Labs is tackling is the lack of affordability in the world of wellness. Going to therapy or even accessing digital wellness apps can come at a high price tag. Revery’s approach of incorporating wellness into mobile games is more accessible to a wider range of people with varying financial circumstances. With packages starting at just the cost of a cup of coffee per month, Revery is opening a door for anyone who is struggling to support their wellness.

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Inclusivity is key

An important part of Revery’s mission is to create a community where people feel comfortable discussing their wellness struggles without the stigma that often comes with it. Revery’s community forums allow users to connect and support each other while discussing their experiences. It’s a place for seeking advice, asking for help, and sharing what works for them. Revery Labs is a proponent of transparency and inclusivity; encouraging users to share their stories so that everyone can learn and grow from each other.

Revery is a pioneer in making wellness accessible and affordable to everyone; with a fun and interactive approach users can experience the benefits of a healthy mind from a familiar and innovative platform. Revery is changing the game in the wellness industry and providing a cost-effective and engaging way for people to prioritize their wellbeing.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/reverylab.

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