Revitalizing B2B Software and EdTech: Is FinTech the Future of Venture Capital?

Key Takeaways:
– Somersault Ventures is a venture capital firm focusing on investing in new startups within the fields of B2B software, FinTech, EdTech, marketplaces, and entertainment.
– They look for companies with at least one founder from the Central and Eastern Europe region, or affiliated with UC Berkeley.
– This venture capital firm operates remotely, with team members based in Dubai, London, and San Francisco.
– Somersault Ventures provides not only investment funds but also strategic guidance and support.

Venture Capital traditionally has its roots in technology-intensive sectors, and lately, EdTech and FinTech have emerged as significant players in this arena. Out of this rising trend, Somersault Ventures shines bright as an innovative venture capital fund specializing in these sectors, along with B2B software, marketplaces, and entertainment. Operating out of Dover, Delaware, the remote-first team comprises investment professionals based in Dubai, London, and San Francisco – an indication of the global perspective they carry.

Under the leadership of founders Alex Nevinskiy, Alex Turbanov, and Julia Nechaieva, Somersault focuses on seed to Series B stage startups where at least one of the founders has a Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) background or is affiliated with UC Berkeley. They work closely with these founders, offering not just funding but also strategic guidance and sharing insights from their diverse experiences in the spheres ranging from finance to operations and product.

What sets Somersault Ventures apart from other venture capital entities is their agile model of operation and investment approach. Their remote-first team working across timezones facilitate global investments with a local touch. Their choice of investment in the promising sectors of B2B Software and EdTech speaks volumes about their forward-thinking perspective. Moreover, their interest in startups with founders who have Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) roots or UC Berkeley affiliation provides unique opportunities to these often underrepresented entrepreneurs.

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The cross-pollination of Fintech and Edtech sectors have pushed innovation boundaries, thereby creating dynamic investment spaces. Considering these combinations, Somersault Ventures has a key role to play in shaping future startup ecosystems. Their remote-first, globally-focused investment strategy allows them access to a plethora of forward-thinking companies that might other find it hard to secure institutional funding.

As a pioneer in the emerging trends of tech-focused venture capital, Somersault Ventures stands poised to make significant contributions to the global startup landscape. In the ever-evolving world of venture capital, successful firms will be those that not only understand but also adapt and lead changes in their chosen markets. To know more about their journey and the companies they back, visit their website and connect with them on LinkedIn.


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