Roforco Industries – Making Good Games Exceptional on Roblox

Revolutionizing Indie Game Development on Roblox

As the world of gaming grows more competitive, indie game developers face an uphill battle. They have to compete with established game publishers that have the resources and expertise to develop, market and distribute their games. This is where Roforco come in. They are building a game publisher on Roblox for indie game creators. By combining their games with Roforco’s resources, skills and industry proven best practices, indie creators are able to bring their vision to life, bigger and better. Roforco supplies professional graphic design, coding, testing and marketing to enhance the final product. This support generates more revenue for the creators, and ultimately fuels more development within the Roblox community.

The Founders’ Game Development Expertise

The co-founders of Roforco, Tom and Brain, bring years of expertise as developers on Roblox to the platform. With over 3 billion play sessions and 20+ titles under their belt, they’re well-positioned to help the indie creators to develop and publish successful and innovative games. Prior to starting Roforco, Tom and Brain founded a successful game development company that generated $500,000 revenue in six months. They now bring that same level of expertise to indie creators on Roblox.

An Impressive Portfolio and Partnerships

Roforco’s portfolio is impressive. The startup has launched six games, totaling 63m play sessions, and around 6.5M MAU. Roforco has also created a top 50 game, peaking at 15,500 CCU and averaging a 90% like ratio across their portfolio. Notably, Roforco has partnered with major brands such as Unilever, Sunsilk and Cosmopolitan, providing them with unique marketing opportunities. With such a positive track record and strong industry connections, Roforco is poised for even greater successes.

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Roforco is a game-changer in the world of indie game development. By executing top-tier game development practices, partnering with major brands and boosting the profiles of talented indie developers, Roforco is putting Roblox on the map.

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