Seattle’s Innovative Security Startups – Protecting the Digital Frontier


Seattle, Washington, known for its vibrant tech scene, is home to a thriving community of security startups at the forefront of safeguarding digital assets. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 exciting security companies based in Seattle that are redefining the industry and addressing the evolving challenges of cyber threats. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to risk management and compliance, these startups are paving the way for a safer digital future.

ActZero.ai – Unleashing the Power of AI in Security

ActZero.ai is a software development company that harnesses artificial intelligence to build a cutting-edge security platform. By leveraging machine learning and advanced algorithms, ActZero.ai empowers businesses to proactively detect and mitigate cyber threats, ensuring robust protection for their sensitive data.

LunaSec – Open Source Data Security for Unparalleled Protection

LunaSec offers an open-source data security platform designed to protect the most sensitive information. With a focus on transparency and community collaboration, LunaSec equips organizations with the tools and technologies to safeguard their data against breaches and unauthorized access.

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infosechelp – Expert Information Technology and Cyber Security Solutions

infosechelp is a leading information technology and cyber security company based in Seattle. With a wide range of services and expertise, infosechelp assists businesses in fortifying their digital infrastructure, implementing robust security measures, and providing comprehensive training to combat cyber threats effectively.

Arcem Tene – Securing the Modern Network

Arcem Tene specializes in securing modern networks by leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices. With a focus on information technology and network security, Arcem Tene offers scalable solutions to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Moderne – Automating Code Security for Software Development

Moderne provides an innovative code automation solution for software development, specifically targeting cyber security. By integrating security measures seamlessly into the development process, Moderne enables businesses to build secure applications and protect against vulnerabilities and breaches.

Prelude – Autonomous Red Team Tool for Enhanced Security

Prelude offers an autonomous red team tool packaged as a desktop application. With its advanced capabilities, Prelude allows businesses to simulate real-world cyber attacks, identify vulnerabilities, and proactively enhance their security posture.

Batten – Personalized Security Recommendations for Comprehensive Protection

Batten provides personalized security recommendations to help individuals stay safe in various domains, including home security, online safety, and emergency situations. With its actionable guidance, Batten empowers users to take control of their security and make informed decisions.

Asensys – High-Performance System for Enhanced Throughput and Security

Asensys is a next-generation system that brings high performance, scalability, and security to modern networks. With a focus on blockchain and network security, Asensys equips businesses with the tools to handle increasing data loads while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their information.

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LJH Cybersecurity – Expert Consulting and Compliance Services

LJH Cybersecurity specializes in providing comprehensive consulting services in cyber security, compliance, and public speaking. With a deep understanding of industry standards and best practices, LJH Cybersecurity assists businesses in navigating complex security challenges and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Strike Graph – Simplifying Compliance with Cyber Security Certifications

Strike Graph offers a compliance SAAS solution that simplifies the process of obtaining and maintaining cyber security certifications. By automating compliance workflows and providing real-time insights, Strike Graph helps businesses streamline their certification efforts and strengthen their security posture.

Simplata Technologies – Protecting Sensitive Data in Cloud Applications

Simplata Technologies focuses on safeguarding sensitive data in cloud applications. With their comprehensive cyber security solutions, Simplata Technologies enables businesses to protect their data from unauthorized access, breaches, and other security risks prevalent in cloud environments.

Littlebird Connected Care – Award-Winning Wearable for Enhanced Child Safety

Littlebird Connected Care introduces a toddler wearable and connected app, providing parents with peace of mind and enhanced child safety. Through the integration of artificial intelligence and IoT technologies, Littlebird Connected Care ensures the well-being of children while offering a user-friendly and secure platform.

Metrolla – Unlocking Automation and Data Collection in Machine Vision

Metrolla enables automation and data collection from machine vision without interrupting services that use the sensors. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision and machine learning, Metrolla empowers businesses to enhance security and efficiency in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and smart city applications.

TertiaSec – Revolutionary Cyber Security Technologies

TertiaSec develops revolutionary cyber security technologies, leveraging the skills and knowledge of hackers to build robust defenses against cyber threats. With a focus on innovation and countermeasures, TertiaSec is dedicated to protecting businesses from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber attacks.

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regal.tech – Life-Saving AI/ML Tools for Frontline Healthcare Staff

regal.tech pioneers cutting-edge, life-saving AI/ML cloud-based tools for frontline healthcare staff. By harnessing the power of big data, blockchain, and cyber security, regal.tech equips healthcare professionals with advanced technologies to enhance patient care and improve public safety.

These 15 security startups in Seattle exemplify the city’s commitment to innovation and tackling the challenges of the digital age. With their groundbreaking solutions, these companies are reshaping the cyber security landscape, empowering businesses, and individuals to navigate the complexities of our increasingly interconnected world. Seattle’s vibrant startup ecosystem continues to foster groundbreaking ideas and technologies that will shape the future of security, making it a hub for innovation in the field.

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