Sixth Borough Capital Management – Unlocking the Power of Alternative Investment


As the investment landscape moves more towards diverse and dynamic strategies, there has been a growing demand for alternatives, particularly in events-driven options that warrant precise strategy and expertise. Sixth Borough Capital Management LLC (“Sixth Borough”) fills this niche gap in the market with its unconventional and, at times, daring approach. In this startup showcase, we delve into how Sixth Borough is unlocking the power of alternative investment with an outcome-oriented investment philosophy that centers their clients at the heart of their business model.

Background and Approach

Founded in 2015, Sixth Borough Capital Management has been raising the bar when it comes to multi-stage investing for the past six years. Their event-driven approach enables them to capitalize on market inefficiencies and uncover asymmetric return opportunities. They aim to generate superior returns by employing a fundamental and value-oriented approach to investing, emphasizing a bottom-up analysis of companies that are attractively priced relative to their intrinsic value.

Their mandate is unconstrained and fully opportunistic, allowing them to explore a diverse universe of investment options. They mainly focus on small and mid-cap private and public equities, spanning multiple sectors, stages of development, and geographies. Sixth Borough’s approach is designed to extract value from event-driven opportunities, such as mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcies, spin-offs, and other corporate actions.

Contrarian Thought

Sixth Borough Capital Management stands out in their contrarian view towards the investment industry, guided by their considered investment philosophy. They have overcome challenges in adapting to the ever-changing economic conditions by tapping into their deep understanding of the market’s fluctuations. They use this knowledge to identify opportunities early, regardless of the prevailing consensus. Their contrarian thought has enabled them to operate from a place of conviction and authenticity, with disciplined and risk-managed strategies that prioritize their clients’ needs.

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Commitment to Values

At Sixth Borough, there is a commitment to building a sustainable, ethical, and customer-centric business. They remain rooted in integrity and strong values, which are fundamental to their business model. When clients entrust their money and investments to Sixth Borough, they enter a partnership with the company rooted in mutual trust and shared success. As such, they focus on delivering customer satisfaction through exceptional levels of discipline and a deep understanding of their clients’ goals and investment purposes.


Innovation and disruption are the hallmarks of successful startups, and Sixth Borough Capital Management has positioned itself as a leader in event-driven alternative investments. As a multi-stage investment management firm, they offer clients access to unique opportunities and insights that are unavailable to most. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, strong values, and exceptional levels of discipline and risk management, Sixth Borough is unlocking the power of alternative investment for its clients.

Website: https://www.6bcap.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/6bcapital

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/6bcapital/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sixth-borough-capital-management-llc/

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