Space Crystals LLC – An Immortal Legacy

Send Your DNA to the Moon

Are you looking for a unique way to preserve your essence for eternity? Look no further than Space Crystals LLC, a Houston-based startup that offers customers the opportunity to send their DNA-infused crystals to the surface of the moon. This Startup Showcase explores how Space Crystals LLC is revolutionizing the field of commemorative keepsakes.

The DNA-hybridized Crystals

Space Crystals LLC combines biotechnology and space exploration to create a truly unique product. The company captures customer DNA and infuses it into two crystalline matrix solutions per customer in their partner laboratory in Houston. These solutions are then sent to the International Space Station where the crystals grow in the weightlessness environment of space.

The crystals grown in space are one of a kind because they are not hindered by gravity and can grow in all directions. This produces a completely unique formation for each customer. With the DNA infused into the crystals, a person can create a one-of-a-kind commemorative keepsake with the essence of the customers preserved for all eternity.

A Lunar Existence

Once the crystal-growing process is complete, the crystals are shipped back to Earth. One of the crystals is sent to the customer, while the sister crystal is mounted in a specially designed lunar time capsule. This capsule is then sent to the moon on one of the NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services lunar landers in late 2022.

This lunar existence provides a unique opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. The time capsule is designed to remain on the moon for thousands of years, ensuring the legacy of the customer’s DNA remains beyond a lifetime.

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The Legacy of Space Crystals LLC

Space Crystals LLC’s unique offering positions the company as the leading provider for unique commemorative keepsakes. By combining biotechnology and space exploration, Space Crystals LLC offers its clients a one-of-a-kind product that ensures their legacy will last forever.


The Space Crystals LLC startup is a unique and innovative opportunity to preserve one’s legacy. The DNA-infused crystals, combined with the lunar time capsule, will create a commemorative keepsake that stands the test of time. As the first company to send DNA-infused crystals to the surface of the moon, Space Crystals LLC is leading the way in providing customers with the ultimate legacy. For more information, visit their website and socials below.




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