Startup Showcase: Abroad.Legal – Unlock Your Potential Abroad

Are you looking to work abroad and seeking assistance in obtaining work permits? Look no further than Abroad.Legal, the service that provides access to a database of companies that offer jobs for foreigners and assist in obtaining work permits. Join the growing number of professionals who have taken advantage of this unique opportunity.

Unlock Your Potential Abroad

At Abroad.Legal, we understand that seeking job opportunities abroad can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with complex visa processes. We created a service that takes the burden off job seekers by providing access to a comprehensive database of companies that accept workers from foreign countries, sponsor their visas, and provide support in obtaining work visas and permits.

With a subscription to Abroad.Legal, you will gain full access to a list of 10 thousand companies and a hundred thousand open positions in 40 countries, including the USA and Canada, the UK, Sweden, Norway, and others. Each company is hand-picked and verified by our team. We regularly update our records and remove closed positions, ensuring that our subscribers have access to the most up-to-date information.

Guiding You to Success

At Abroad.Legal, we understand that finding a job abroad is only half the battle. That’s why we also provide our subscribers with guidance on how to build a resume and prepare for an interview, helping them increase their chances of getting hired.

In addition, we stand behind the quality of our service and offer a money-back guarantee in case the visa application is rejected. This ensures that our subscribers have peace of mind as they embark on their journey abroad.

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Expanding Our Reach

Abroad.Legal has already seen success with our MVP targeting job seekers from Eastern Europe, and we are now expanding our reach to other markets. Our next stage is launching the service in India, where about 18 million people search for jobs abroad yearly and most speak English. We’re planning to launch the English version of the product this year. We also see a lot of potential in Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, and other markets.

Meeting a Growing Need

Years of the pandemic have revealed the acute need for foreign human resources in developed economies. Many industries suffer from a shortage of workers, and companies are happy to accept foreign employees. In the USA, for example, there were 10 million unfilled jobs in 2021, and only 8.4 million workers were looking for new opportunities.

As the need for foreign workers continues to grow, Abroad.Legal is poised to become the number one source of information about jobs overseas. Our team of six professionals with experience in web development, database building, marketing, design, and project management is dedicated to helping job seekers unlock their potential abroad.


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