Startup Showcase: Apollo iGDS, Inc. – Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

Revolutionizing the Travel Industry with Advanced B2B Multimodal Platform

The world is constantly on the move, and Apollo iGDS, Inc. is here to make sure that everyone – whether they’re traveling for business, pleasure, or any other reason – has access to affordable, convenient, and customizable transportation options. In this Startup Showcase, we will take a closer look at how this New York-based company is creating waves in the travel industry with its advanced B2B platform and groundbreaking digital solutions.

Introducing Apollo iGDS, Inc.

Apollo iGDS, Inc. is a travel technology company that is shaking up the traditional travel industry by developing a neutral, non-affiliated, and advanced B2B platform to simplify sourcing and booking for travel agencies and corporate travel departments across the world. With its comprehensive network of carriers in air, on land, and water, Apollo iGDS, Inc. is promoting choices and making passenger transportation truly affordable for millions of new travelers.

Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

At the heart of Apollo iGDS, Inc.’s success lies its unique platform that creates live connections to one of the most comprehensive networks of carriers in the world, with unprecedented speed. By the end of 2022, the company aims to establish new connections in just 30 minutes – a feat that will leave no equals in the industry. This revolutionary platform has already helped travel agencies and corporate travel departments of all sizes to achieve millions of dollars in savings each year by offloading their connectivity tasks to Apollo iGDS, Inc.

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Tools for New and Existing Travel Agencies

Aside from its live network connections, Apollo iGDS, Inc. also provides a variety of other tools to help new and existing travel agencies get started on a fast and cost-effective track. With Olympus IMS, for instance, new travel agencies can start ticket sales online virtually overnight, without any significant upfront costs. For existing travel agencies, Apollo iGDS, Inc. provides a customizable routing, pricing, and partnership options, ancillary services, low expenses, and higher margins for ticket sellers.

Unbeatable Value for Travelers and Businesses

With its fully multi-modal platform, Apollo iGDS, Inc. is empowering travelers across the globe to access quick, easy, and flexible transportation options. The platform’s customizable options allow travelers to find the route that best suits their needs at unbeatable prices, creating value for the traveler and the businesses they serve.


Apollo iGDS, Inc. is a company that is truly making waves in the travel industry. Its B2B platform and innovative digital solutions are empowering millions of travelers around the world to access affordable, customizable, and flexible transportation options that were once out of reach. With its unprecedented speed and comprehensive network, Apollo iGDS, Inc. is revolutionizing the way that people travel – and ushering in a new era of efficiency, affordability, and convenience.




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