Startup Showcase: Be Biotechnologies – Transforming Biopharmaceutical Sciences with Evidence-Based Drug Development

"Transforming biopharmaceutical sciences into modern, affordable, and plant-based treatments through evidence-based drug development and AI-powered innovation."

Be Biotechnologies, a New York-based biopharmaceutical company, is leading the way in cannabinoid and plant-based research, development, and evidence-based drug development. The company’s mission is to transform knowledge from biopharmaceutical sciences into new pharmaceutical drugs for animals and humans, with a focus on intellectual contribution instead of manual labor. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at Be Biotechnologies’ innovative approach to drug development and their impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

Plant-Based Drug Candidates for Unmet Medical Needs

Be Biotechnologies’ evidence-based drug development (EBD) strategy has resulted in the development of plant-based drug candidates that provide solutions to unmet medical needs in dermatology, chronic pain, and various neurological diseases. These innovative therapies offer patients access to more affordable and modern phyto-pharmaceutical treatments after regulatory clearance in each territory. The company’s R&D team works with internal researchers and collaborators around the world, using a decentralized development approach with a Cloud Lab to increase experimental output and deepen the analysis at the push of a button. All work is evaluated by a board of curators and biomedical experts using the advantage of artificial intelligence.

Commercial Platform and Global Distribution

Be Biotechnologies’ commercial platform has resulted in over 20 different formulations for the development of commercial products, including cosmetics, wellness, and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the company is involved in the global distribution of APIs/RAW materials. This commercial success is a testament to the company’s commitment to research and development, and their focus on delivering innovative solutions to patients.

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Becoming a Hub for Microgravity Plant Science in Space

Be Biotechnologies’ commitment to innovation extends beyond Earth, as the company seeks to become a hub for microgravity plant science in space. Understanding the three-dimensional structure of proteins is critical to life science and biopharmaceutical researchers, and this information can be used for understanding disease mechanisms, identifying drug targets, and optimizing pharmaceutical drug design. In partnership with NASA and ESA Implementation Partners, Be Biotechnologies is leading the way in developing drug development knowledge in space.

Be Biotechnologies: Powered by AI

At the heart of Be Biotechnologies’ approach to drug development is artificial intelligence (AI). By leveraging AI, the company is able to streamline its drug development process and reduce costs, allowing them to focus on the intellectual contribution of their R&D team. This approach has proven successful, as Be Biotechnologies continues to innovate and develop new drug candidates that have the potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry.


Be Biotechnologies is a pioneering biopharmaceutical company that is leveraging AI and plant-based research to develop innovative drug candidates for unmet medical needs. With a focus on evidence-based drug development and a commitment to research and development, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the pharmaceutical industry in the years to come.






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