Startup Showcase: Beam Dynamics Provides Enterprise Asset Management Software to the Film & Broadcast Sector

Maximizing uptime and minimizing equipment failure in film & broadcast.

As the world of entertainment moves increasingly towards digitalization and AI-powered systems, the management of production technology assets remains highly manual and fragmented. Against this backdrop, Beam Dynamics has developed a unique enterprise asset management software to help film and broadcast productions manage, maintain, and grow their critical technology infrastructure.

Revolutionizing the Broadcast & Film Sector with Enterprise Asset Management

Beam Dynamics is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and is a US-based SaaS company that provides its customers with an innovative asset management platform. The platform provides engineers access to critical security patches, firmware updates, documentation, and contact information from over 5,000 vendors and almost a million products under one user interface.

At 90% of the time, interruptions in live programs or film sets can be traced back to high-end production equipment failure, which results in significant downtime that puts a strain on budgets and even careers. Beam Dynamics’ mission is to help film and broadcast productions manage, maintain, and grow their critical technology infrastructure to reduce downtime and prevent issues that cost money.

Streamlining Technology Management with a Centralized Platform

Beam Dynamics’ enterprise asset management platform has revolutionized technology management by centralizing all critical data onto a single user interface. The software is cloud-based, which means that data is accessible from anywhere, and updates are in real-time.

Simply by uploading an inventory list with manufacturer information and model numbers, engineers can access vital data on firmware updates, contact information, and documentation. Beam Dynamics software also provides proactive support through notifications and alerts, allowing teams to react promptly and prevent significant issues from escalating.

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Improving Workflow Efficiency with Innovative Technology

For the broadcast and film sector, time is money, and Beam Dynamics’ enterprise asset management platform is geared towards freeing up valuable time for teams to focus on activity that creates value. The software helps prevent downtime by providing engineers access to all critical data and simplifying asset management with a user-friendly interface.

Beam Dynamics also leverages innovative technologies such as AI algorithms to streamline recommendations, including asset optimization and vendor management, allowing teams to get the most out of their existing technology infrastructure without costly replacements.


Conclusively, Beam Dynamics’ enterprise asset management platform is revolutionizing the broadcast and film sector by providing film and broadcast productions with an innovative centralized framework to manage their critical technology infrastructure. The Beam Dynamics platform improves workflow efficiency and frees teams up to focus on value-generating activities by providing proactive notifications and recommendations.





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