Startup Showcase: Belt Course – Revolutionizing Operational Excellence Training

Take your Industrial and Supply Chain organizations to the next level with Belt Course's Blended Learning approach

In this Startup Showcase, we highlight the innovative approach to training and coaching programs provided by Belt Course in Nashville, Tennessee. Belt Course offers online programs that are specifically geared towards improving Operational Excellence, Leadership, Problem-Solving, and Continuous Improvement within organizations. Let’s explore more about this unique startup.

What is Belt Course?

Belt Course is a startup that provides Industrial and Supply Chain organizations with customized, innovative, and engaging online training and coaching programs. The company uses a Blended Learning approach with multiple curricula to offer learner-specific, job-specific, self-paced, engaging content that is designed to provide a fun and easy-to-learn experience for adults.

The company’s programs come with practice exercises, an open-ended multi-session simulation, discussions, and immediate use application to their jobs. This way, individuals can learn new skills that they can then apply to their roles and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement within their organization.

What makes Belt Course’s coaching programs different?

Adults learn best by doing, and this is something that Belt Course firmly believes in. Their coaching programs use a Blended Learning Flipped Classroom model, which offers self-paced, engaging modules that provide immediate reflection and assignments. After completing each section, students get to apply and practice their new skills in a fun team simulation exercise.

The simulation takes each student through the journey of Operational Excellence and their role in the organization’s broader picture. Belt Course’s approach helps individuals to apply these newly acquired skills effectively, all while creating an enjoyable learning experience.

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Find the Perfect Operational Excellence Curriculum for Your Organization

Belt Course offers a wide range of courses to suit various needs and skill levels. Their coaching programs come with different Operational Excellence curricula aimed at improving the specific skills within your organization’s workforce. All these programs are available on their website, where anyone can access them.

Moreover, Belt Course has developed customized programs in Spanish, and all of their lessons are available with subtitles in any other language, making it accessible to a global audience.

Final thoughts

Belt Course offers next-level learning experiences through its innovative approach to online training and coaching programs. The startup aims to achieve a culture of continuous improvement within your organization and has worked hard to create a fun and enjoyable learning experience for adults.





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