Startup Showcase: Bend Health – Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment for Kids and Teens

Bend Health is a national healthcare company that has set out to eliminate barriers to mental health treatment for kids, teens, and families through innovative technology and a collaborative care model. With a focus on personalized mental health care, Bend Health aims to make healthcare accessible to all and reduce the cost of care.

Overcoming Barriers to Mental Health Treatment

It is no secret that mental health treatment is expensive, time-consuming, and challenging to access. Bend Health is combining technology and the latest in data-driven solutions to change this. By providing high-quality care, eliminating the need for insurance, and working closely with patients, Bend Health is changing the way mental health treatment is delivered, and lowering the cost.

A Comprehensive Care Model for Kids and Teens

Bend Health’s comprehensive care model for kids and teens is based on collaboration between licensed pediatric psychiatry experts and a team of healthcare professionals. The model includes practical coaching, personalized therapy, and reduced time to treatment. By working with kids and teens and their families, the team at Bend Health is providing a new standard of care to families across the US.


Bend Health is revolutionizing mental health treatment for kids and teens through a groundbreaking collaborative care approach. With a mission to increase access to mental health care, while reducing the cost, Bend Health is a force for change in the healthcare industry.





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